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  • Neale M Albert
    Oct 12, 2001
      I am friendly with John Hodgson. He is an English maker of miniatures. I have
      several of his pieces in my miniatures collection. He visited with me in NYC a
      few weeks ago, and we got to talking about bookcases for miniature books. He is
      interested in making these, if there is a market for them. He works in
      mahogany. He could make a simple bookcase or a fancy bookcase. He has asked me
      for advice. I kinow that i am always looking for really attractive bookcases
      for my collection. Please gieve me your input. Are you interested in buying
      bookcases? If you are, would you want them to be ssimple? What price range
      would interest you?

      John helped me with one of my designer bindings. He is also a painter and a
      member of the Royal Portraitship Society. I wanted to create a miniature Cosway
      binding, and John did two miniature miniature portraits which form part of my

      Neale M. Albert

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