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  • Jean Day
    May 28, 2001
      Hi Everyone

      I received my Yearbook today and it had been partially soaked in water
      so it arrived in very poor condition. I joined in March but I was not
      included as a member this year. Did I join to late to be included?

      I make and sell miniature books and albums as a business. I have been in
      the miniature business nearly twenty years and have worked primarily in
      porcelain, because of problems with my back I was looking for something
      else I could enjoy doing that would satisfy the artist in me. The books
      have been the answer, I love designing them. I sell retail and wholesale
      to miniature shops. I custom design books for people with businesses who
      would like to offer something more personal. I also custom design my
      albums with photos of your choice.

      Jean Day Miniatures

      Jean Day
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