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376Re: [miniaturebooks] Digest Number 225

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  • Dean Gattone
    Jan 15, 2001
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      have you thought of advertising in the miniature book newsletter? an ad in
      the April issue may discover some people you might not be able to reach
      otherwise. you can get details from Jill Timm
      at Jtimm@...
      dean gattone

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      > 1. miniature book collection
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      > Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 17:20:27 -0500
      > From: akallotte@...
      > Subject: miniature book collection
      > I have 110 miniature books that I am trying to get rid of. I have tried
      > ebay, dealers, and various helpful private individuals. I cannot seem to
      > find interested parties though. I am hoping that someone can either
      > direct me toward interested parties or at least help me figure out where
      > I'm going wrong.
      > I realize that I'm selling to a small, specialized group. I realize that
      > I will have to discount my goods because I want to sell them in bulk.
      > I've found the retail value of 70% of the books through ABE.com and
      > Bibliofind.com. Then, I averaged the rest and I estimate the books
      > retail for between $6K and $7K. Where I come from, antiques wholesale
      > for 50% of retail, so I tried to sell for less than 50%, then less than
      > 40% with no luck. This is less than 2/3 of what they cost 20 years ago.
      > In fact, no one will make an offer and one dealer wants me to send the
      > books at my expense and then make an offer. I really don't understand
      > how a market industry could run like this. That's why I need help. I am
      > a very motivated seller with seemingly unmotivated buyers. I have no
      > idea what the specialized market value of these books are except for what
      > I found on Bibliofind and ABE, but a 60% discount still didn't help.
      > I'll discount them more if that's all the market will bear, but I'm
      > afraid of being taken in a market I know little about.
      > So, I'll send a list of the books to anyone who requests. Please give me
      > any ideas that you can about how to sell them, who to approach, and what
      > price to ask. Thank you for the continued help.
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