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334Re: [miniaturebooks] uncle

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  • tim@lilliput-p.win-uk.net
    Nov 5 3:09 PM
      >It looks like Pagemaker is what I can reach out for. I have downloaded the=
      > trial version, but the trial version doesn't let you use the book builder =
      >before I shell out the $$ I'm wondering if anyone who has used this progra=
      >m and tell me if it will work for making tiny books, (not just small bookle=

      I'll weigh in again and say that although I don't use the build
      booklets feature to do entire miniature books, I do use Pagemaker.
      If you plan the book and the page order by mocking up a dummy
      book, dismantling it and noting where things go, then you can draw
      up a template in pagemaker (or Quark). If you want to impose pages
      so that some are upside down etc, for printing on one sheet, then
      you can do that too - Pagemaker allows you to rotate text and
      still edit it (the story editor is a bit basic, but allows you to
      edit the text separately and conveniently, even after it has been

      This obviously isn't the automatic process you were after, but if
      the book isn't too long then it's manageable, and you can save it
      as a template for future books. You can thread the text boxes so
      that the text will flow straight into the right order on the right
      pages, from a text file. If the book is small enough and/or short
      enough you may even get the whole layout onto two sides of a
      sheet, which would reduce the confusion. You could even combine
      this approach with the build booklet plugin: set the page size as
      your miniature size; set the text, illustrations and page design
      etc.; build the booklet - this gives you a new file with the page
      ordering done; then set up a separate file with a larger page size
      - the paper size you will print on - with guidelines marked out for
      the page imposition; now copy and paste whole double page spreads
      from the booklet file into the right positions in the imposition
      template, rotating the spreads if necessary. This wouldn't be
      difficult at all, though you would have to do all the planning of
      the imposition yourself - which requires a bit of clear thinking
      and a mockup to check that it all works.

      I can sympathise with your frustration with layout programs in
      general, and would advise that once you have bought your software
      you find a local adult education course and learn properly how to
      use it. You'll probably find courses available in Quark, Pagemaker
      and possibly a cheaper program, if you look around. It's well
      worth the effort and expense - which shouldn't be much unless you
      enrol on a business orientated course, which could be exhorbitant.

      Tim Sheppard tim@...-uk.net
      Lilliput Press - Publisher of fine books in miniature
      England http://www.lilliput.co.uk
      The Storytelling FAQ is hosted here
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