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330Re: [miniaturebooks] point me, please

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  • jandt
    Nov 1, 2000
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      In the past I have made little books for friends by folding a sheet of paper
      into 16 sections and then numbering them so when I opened the paper it would
      show which pages went where and if they should be right side up or not.
      Then after much copying & pasteing I glued all the pages onto that sheet in
      the right sequence and orientation. Both sides. That would be my master
      and then I would make copies. the only thing I had to be careful for was to
      be sure the second side was cpoied correctly to corospond with the first
      these were generously called "artist books" by my friends, but they were
      really just simple amusements.

      Now I am thinking that if my graphics program can print out a greeting card
      with the proper orientation it certainly should be capeable of doing the
      same thing for a little book with the proper template....
      obviously the template is the biggest obsticle for me. I haven't been able
      to find any.
      The latest graphic program I've bought is Printmaster Platinum 7.0 - which
      is so confusing I don't know where to start. I think it has the tools to
      make one, but just don't know how.
      another member has suggested MS Word. I also have Corel 7 which my husband
      has said might work. I just don't know how to go about it.

      Since I would like to make a few copies of several books, it just seems it
      would be worth the effort to get a template made, so that what ever book I
      wanted to make the basics are there and I would just have to get the
      information together. It would be much nicer if I could just buy one.....

      I live in a very rural part of Iowa, miles and miles from anything that even
      resembles a city.

      thank you all for being so paitent with me. I hope I'm not too annoying to
      those of you who are Real bookmakers.


      ----- Original Message -----

      That depends on what you mean by 'lay out the pages correctly'. If
      you want a program to reorganise the pages into the right sequence
      for one signature, that is not difficult - even some word
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