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  • Ralf Quast
    Apr 19, 1999
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      Ralf Quast wrote:
      > Hi folks,
      > here is your conclave host!!!!
      > I've just found out to write an email to the list, which I've only read
      > the last few weeks.
      > I wonder that you didn't get your newsletter yet! I've got my issue a
      > week ago or so, and yesterday I got the first registration-form from a
      > member from England. So it might be a mailing problem from US-Mail.
      > Don't worry!
      > Everthing is going it's way!
      > The conclave will be quite the same then other conclaves. One thing will
      > change: The banquet will be on Saturday and the Auction on Sunday.
      > Anything else is quite the same: Friday welcome (but additionally
      > opening of the "European Travelling Exhibition" of the MBS), Saturday
      > trip to the Gutenberg-Museum, banquet, Book Fair with lunch, auction,
      > Board and conclave meeting, optional-tour on Monday afternoon.
      > PLUS a three day AFTER CONCLAVE TOUR for just 99 $ plus Hotel fee!!!
      > Please ask questions if you feel so: quaddel@...
      > Ralf
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