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262Miniature book collection for sale

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  • Aaron G Kallotte
    Jun 4, 2000
      I hope I don't ruffle any feathers by using this list to sell my books.
      I am not a dealer and this will only happen once.

      My list includes 110 books, miscellaneous pamphlets and letters, and a
      wood and glass display case. Many of you have seen my list, and if you'd
      like to receive it, e-mail me off list and I'll send it to you. I've
      found retail prices on 69 books and used the average of those prices to
      come up with a theoretical retail price for the whole list. It would be
      just under $7,000. Again, the 41 prices I don't have could be more or
      less than average, but I just couldn't find enough info on Bibliofind or

      I would like to run a pseudo-auction by e-mail and start the bidding at
      $3,500. Please e-mail me at akallotte@... with questions or offers.
      Your bids will be kept confidential.

      Thank you to everyone who helped me with these books.
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