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  • NMA815@aol.com
    Feb 21, 2000
      Where is everybody? Surely there are things to share. Lets try to make this
      list more interesting.

      Ive just gotten my copy of the new Gleniffer bible. Its wonderful. Everyone
      should purchase one before theyre all gone. I purchased two sets of unbound
      sheets, which ill commission designer binders to bind for me.

      Gabrielle Fox was here in NYC last weekend. She stayed here with me and
      Margaret for a few days. She and I are going to do a seminar at the Conclave
      this Fall about designer bindings.

      Is anyone going to London next month for the auction? Im still waiting to
      get my copy of the catalogue. Im mostly interested in finding out if there
      are any designer bindings in the collection, or interesting old books i could
      have rebound for my collection.

      Lets get this conversation going!!!!!!!

      All best, Neale