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197Hello All

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  • NMA815@xxx.xxx
    Jan 5, 2000
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      First, Bob Bradbury is issuing a catalogue of miniature books for sale. If
      youre not already on his mailing list you should order one. He is a member
      of this list. but he is too modest to mention this im sure.

      Second, i just received as a gift a wonderful miniature french-english
      dictionary. It was sent to me by an English woman who makes miniature dolls
      for my doll houses, Jill Bennett. This is what she wrote in her note: "Dear
      Neale. Greetings. I should have sent this to you long ago, but it comes with
      my good wishes to you and Margaret for the year 2000. It was my father's
      aide-memoir. He lost his life in Tunisia in 1943. It does seem to have been
      well used. It has no cover but you said, i remember, that you give your
      little books new ones. Please give my love to all in your pub!" (note: the
      reference to my pub is to a miniature pub, a model of the Falkland Arms, In
      Great Tew, Oxfordshire, England. Jill made all the dolls which are in the
      pub, including a very glamorous serving wench which Jill based on a Drambuie

      Knowing wonderful people like Jill is what makes life worth while.

      Neale M. Albert