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1759May 2014 Issue of the Microbibliophile Journal

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  • James m Brogan
    May 10, 2014
      Hello, let me introduce you to THE MICROBIBLIOPHILE© a bimonthly journal that has been part of the miniature book world since 1977.  Publishing six times a year and including news and educational informational about miniature books, miniature book publishers, authors, printers, binders, collectors, and the book arts as well as regular and classified  advertisements.  Please contact the editor for further information about submission of articles for publication and subscriptions.  We will publish a review for each new miniature book submitted to the editor.
      The theme for 2014 is ‘All About Book Collecting’.  March’s focus was ‘Organizing Your Collection’, followed, in May, by  ‘Buying From Dealers’. The next issue will provide a guide to ‘Collection Managing Software’. There are six new miniature books reviews for you this month:
      1.        Welcome To Hell, by Pat Sweet, published by BoPress Miniature Books
      2.        Masters of Water Color Painting, by H. M. Cundall, published by Plum Park Press
      3.        The Invisible Man, by H. G. Wells, published by Plum Park Press
      4.        Leather Helmets, by Pat Sweet, published by Bo Press Miniature Books
      5.        MiniScapes, by Jill Timm, published by Mystical Places Press
      6.        Huck Finn’s Greatest Adventure, by William H. Loos,  published by Cyclone Books  
      The ongoing ‘Famous People In the World of Miniature Books’ series brings you up close with ‘Louis W. Bondy, the next article in this series will highlight Doris Varner Welsh. There is also an interesting article in the current issue which provides some behind the scenes information about a letter written by A. J. St. Onge documenting  just how many copies of his book, ‘The Inaugural Address of Thomas Jefferson’ were released for sale.
      We are looking for feedback about what information you would like to see on our website: www.microbibliophile77.com and how you would like to use the blog. We are working with Pat Sweet of the BoPress,  www.bopressminiaturebooks.com to stimulate interest in miniature books and expand the information that is available for readers and collectors. We love feedback, stay tuned for an interesting look at
      THE MICROBIBLIOPHILE© and what is planned for future issues in 2014.
      We print and report news and miniature book information that you will not find in any other source.
      Advertising accepted, with discounts for repeated inclusions.
      2014 Subscription Rates: (6 issues per year) (Jan., Mar., May, July, Sept., & Nov.)

      $39.00/year--USA--First Class mail
      $45.00/year--Canada--First Class mail
      $49.00/year--Overseas airmail
      Subscriptions discounts (10%) for full time students, sample copy of the current issue $7.00 post paid, first class, sent anywhere in the world.
      Please make checks payable to ‘The Microbibliophile' (PayPal fee $2.00)

      The Microbibliophile
      P.O. Box 5453
      North Branch, New Jersey, 08876, USA
      Thank you,

      Jim Brogan, Editor
      E-mail: editor@...