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1741The Microbibliophile Volume XXXII Number 6

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  • James m Brogan
    Nov 20, 2013
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      Hello, let me introduce you to THE MICROBIBLIOPHILE© a bimonthly journal that has been part of the miniature book world since 1977.  Publishing six times a year and including news and educational informational about miniature books, miniature book publishers, authors, printers, binders, collectors, and the book arts as well as regular and classified  advertisements.  Please contact the editor for further information about submission of articles for publication and subscriptions.  We will publish a review for each new miniature book submitted to the editor.
      The November/December 2013 issue contains 7 miniature book reviews, including tiny tomes by Mystical Places Press, Bo Press Miniature Books, Plum Park Press, and BB Miniatures. The St. Onge checklist has been updated to show the printers and binders for each of the 73 St. Onge miniatures. Frank Irwin of the Hillside Press is the subject of the Famous Miniature Book People article. ‘Mother Books’ by Jerry Morris provides an interesting look at the books published by the Clearview Press and much more, 48 pages of miniature book reading enjoyment. The next issue to be published on January 1 will feature articles about ‘book collecting’ and all of its intricate components.
       We print and report news and miniature book information that you will not find in any other source.
      Advertising accepted, with discounts for repeated inclusions.
      2014 Subscription Rates: (6 issues per year) (Jan., Mar., May, July, Sept., & Nov.)

      $39.00/year--USA--First Class mail
      $45.00/year--Canada--First Class mail
      $49.00/year--Overseas airmail
      Subscriptions discounts (10%) for full time students
      Please make checks payable to ‘The Microbibliophile'

      The Microbibliophile
      P.O. Box 5453
      North Branch, New Jersey, 08876, USA

      PayPal payments can be processed for an additional fee of $2.00, please contact the editor to request a PayPal invoice: editor@...
      Thank you,
      Jim Brogan