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1738Frank Anderson, Kitemaug Press, died early this morning

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  • Williamson, Barbara J.
    Nov 14, 2013
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      Maybe you all know but Frank Anderson, Kitemaug Press, passed away early this morning. This wonderful, brilliant, librarian, miniature book publisher was my friend. We worked together on the Miniature Book Society Competition and Catalog for a number of years. He was so gracious, so deeply funny, so intelligent. He loved his good wife, Jeanette, so much. I am so grieving this great man. I only knew him for a little but he made me laugh, he imparted so much knowledge to me about miniature books and he was just a good, good friend. This is what makes MBS unique - it is about FRIENDSHIP AMONG UNIQUE AND SPECIAL PEOPLE. Frank was a friend and I will miss him so much. - Barbara Williamson
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