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  • Angelika
    Apr 28 11:47 AM
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      Hello dear miniature book friends!

      I am doing some research for my new book and found an article I haven't
      seen before. The author was at the MBS Conclave in Cincinnati 2002, but
      the article is from 2006.
      I don't recall seeing her there and I don't recognize the people she
      mentions in her article, except for the papermaker who "looked more like
      a surfer". If someone recognizes themself, it would interest me to know
      who is who!

      Here is the link:

      Also new to me is the Inventory of Helen D. and William E.Krantz ‘37
      Miniature Book Collection, Franklin and Marshall College (Lancaster, PA.)


      Now back to my book, it has to be finished for Vancouver. Hope to see
      you all there.

      Best wishes from Germany,
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