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1693Input needed for MBS Newsletter

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  • Barbara Williamson
    Mar 9, 2013
      Dear Friends,

      I am the new Miniature Book Newsletter editor.  I am
      interested in what you would like to read in the Newsletter.  Here are
      some questions to jog your thinking. Answer any or all and receive my everlasting gratitude. Your input may be published in the MBS Newsletter.

      What is the most unique miniature book in your collection? Photos welcomed!

      What is the most unique way you have displayed a miniature book? Photos here highly encouraged!

      By what criteria do you establish value for your miniature books?

      How have you shared your miniature books with your community?

      Do you have ideas about how to make sure the joy of miniature book publishing and collecting continue and flourish?

      If you have ideas you'd like to suggest, you'll find me a most enthusiastic listener! Reply to this email.

      Your nutty but well-meaning editor, Barbara Williamson

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