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1672Re: [miniaturebooks] The Bestiary completed

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  • AJ
    Sep 6, 2012
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      Hi Randy,

      thanks for sending this. Your new book is absolutly fantastic. I can
      image all the time and work you put into the project and it is
      wonderful that you show us some of the steps in making the book.
      I hope the Kerrytown Bookfest is sucessfull. I really enjoyed being
      there in 2006.

      Best wishes from Germany,

      At 21:15 06.09.2012, Randy Asplund wrote:
      >Hi folks,
      >Well it took ages (I started in mid September) but I finally finished
      >making the miniature Bestiary. I promised you al a link when I had
      >finished loading it onto my web site. I have lots of pictures of how I
      >made it. And I have pictures of the display that I made to go with it.
      >The book is 2.75" tall, and the display is a medieval lectern 11.5"
      >tall which comes with a model of a waxed tablet and brass stylus.
      >This book was a TON of work. Leather inlays, gilding, integral double
      >sewn end-bands wrapped in silk colored threads, clasps hand fashioned
      >out of brass, and all of that was easy compared to the intricate
      >interlaced border on the front. That thing alone took 3 days of
      >fussing (I'll do it a different way if I ever try that again...)
      >Anyway, here is the set. I hope you enjoy seeing it. It will be on
      >display next Sunday at the Kerrytown Bookfest, which some of you may
      >remember from the Conclave being held alongside it a few years ago.
      >Randy Asplund
      >Facebook: "Randy Asplund, Artist"
      >Maker of Medieval books and
      >Illustrator of Science Fiction & Fantasy
      >(734) 663-0954
      >2101 S. Circle Dr.
      >Ann Arbor, MI 48103 USA
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