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  • leeann1948
    Oct 4, 2009
      I've just upload new photos to my picturetrail album site of some new items. There are a number of new 1:6 scale books. The albums with 1:6 scale books have 1:6 notation in their album title.

      Another new album contains Paper Dolls. I've done a number of paper doll sets in 1:12, 1:6 and 1:3 scale. They are in the third to last album. So, please keep on scrolling down to view them.

      I do the computer creating side of my work in the early morning while my hands are still deciding to be awake enough to actually do the physical creating. I need to have a "morning" project going or I get sooooo cranky. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

      I need a nap. Yesterday was my granddaughter's 2nd birthday party and I spent the last week getting ready for it. I am exhausted. She and her little friends had a wonderful time. She and her Mama went back to bed. I should too.

      Lee Ann Borgia
      Miniature Books