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  • kfiiii2001
    Dec 19, 2007
      I first became interested in miniature books while viewing them at the
      Mccune room of the John F. Kennedy Library in Vallejo, CA. Dr. McCune
      was a doctor who collected books and fine printing and then donated his
      collection to the library before his death. Anyway, although it is a
      rare book collection, they allow patrons to actually handle and read
      the books. There was a nine-volume set of Shakespeare's works, a
      really small book called Small Rain upon the Tender Herb,and a many
      other miniature books (around twenty books). They have just recently
      posted these books on their website www.mccunecollection.org. If
      anyone is interested it is under category "Collection",
      subcategory "Fine Printing" sub-subcategory "Miniature Books."

      After viewing these, I was wondering if anyone had information about
      their publishers. Who was William Pickering? How many miniature books
      did he make? Same for Achille St. Once, and William M. Cheney, and
      Prickly Pair editions. Any information about these publishers and how
      many miniatures they produced.

      Thanks, Kfiiii
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