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1124Book Artists, show your work!

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  • jtimm@aol.com
    Feb 5, 2007
      To sell your books, you need to show your work to the right people!

      This is the month to reserve your space in the Spring issue of Artist
      Book News, the newsletter that is mailed directly to library and
      special collections book buyers.
      Included in this hard to reach market are public and private special
      collections, and artist book collections in public, college, and
      university libraries. These libraries are a great market for artist
      books, and now through Artist Book News you can show your work to
      artist book buyers all across the United States, Canada and many
      foreign countries.
      Your cost for this quality and wide flung exposure is a just a few
      coins for each library! Reservations should be made now to hold your
      space. Only 16 book are featured! Payment will be due by Feb 28th,
      check, money order or PayPal. Photos and text will be due by March
      15th. You will get to proof, and make minor changes to the final copy
      before going to print. Mailing will be near the end of April.

      For more detailed information and to view or download the last 2 issues
      go to:

      Just email me to reserve your space today.
      Thanks, Jill
      Jill Timm
      Mystical Places Press
      Handcrafted artist books,
      one of a kind and small editions,
      miniature and not so miniature.
      Publisher of Artist Book News
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