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Re: [mindspiral] mindSpiral's first CD, _the 1 is silent_, is now available!

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  • Mike Metlay ++ Atomic City
    ... Paul s been a real trooper. I m hoping everything goes smoothly. ... Unfortunately there s no way to make a small number of decent-quality shirts at
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 2, 2006
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      Bill wrote:
      >Mike Metlay ++ Atomic City wrote:
      >>With luck (and
      >>successful surgery, I hope), Paul Vnuk will be able to work on the
      >>mind2Spiral stuff in time for there not to be such a conflict next
      >>year... to say nothing of mind3Spiral, which if it has John 3 working
      >>on it will be ready to press within about a week of curtain time. :)
      >I'm sorry to hear that Paul has to go undergo back surgery. I have a
      >ruptured disk (betweek L5 and S1) and have successfully avoided the
      >surgery route via diet and exercise... or perhaps sheer luck.

      Paul's been a real trooper. I'm hoping everything goes smoothly.

      >Would it be a realistic goal to shoot for having product from both 1 & 2
      >in time for 3's concert at the Fiske? That would be ideal. What about
      >T-shirts? You know; Mind3Spiral with the logo, our names, and the
      >"tour" date at the Fiske listed. I know nothing about making shirts but
      >a small number for the participants and to sell as merch would be real
      >cool, if feasible.

      Unfortunately there's no way to make a small number of decent-quality
      shirts at anything remotely resembling affordability; I've been
      looking into doing shwag for Atomic City and for mindSpiral for a
      long time, and it's just been prohibitive. I should look again; I
      doubt I could do a specific shirt for that one show (the crowd's way
      too small for there even to be a chance of decent merch sales) but a
      generic mindSpiral shirt might be a goer. Along with the Atomic City
      shirt I never made and the Different Skies shirt I never made. Sigh...


      "Well, music is music, even if it sounds like two coffee machines
      making out at a bonfire. Maybe." (d. k. herpich)
      mike metlay * atomic city * po 17083 boulder co 80308 * metlay@...
      mindSpiral _the 1 is silent_ now on CD: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mindspiral
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