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Re: Structural Deep Democracy(SD2)

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  • Bala Pillai
    Dear Mark, I d like to share this powerful notion that ll accelerate same page clusters and therefore Internet-exponentialed cognition with a few groups
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2005
      Dear Mark,

      I'd like to share this powerful notion that'll accelerate "same page"
      clusters and therefore Internet-exponentialed cognition with a few
      groups where I have influence in.

      So we can accelerate your and my aims to strengthen grassroots
      organisational power. Both at a small cluster level and at an
      interconnecting clusters level.

      Would you be into an online interview cum conversation over groups that
      I narrow down as being enthusiastic about it?

      Bala Pillai
      Quantum Inventions Inspirer

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      Subject: [visionaries] Structural Deep Democracy(SD2)
      Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 00:50:11 -0000
      From: Mark <parashakti108@...>
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      Hi everyone,

      I am Mark, founder of SD2.

      Structural Deep Democracy(SD2) is a non-ideological approach to
      organizing collective action and solving world problems. SD2 uses a
      cooperative process which allows everyone involved in organizing to
      prove themselves to be effective "coordinators" for the goal of
      making the best decisions possible for the group. SD2 can be used by
      nonprofits, businesses, government entities, but it is intended to be
      best for grass-roots activism for groups thirty or more, and is
      scalable to a global level.

      SD2 seeks to optimize the decision making ability of a group by using
      the best algorithms possible to process voting data to select the
      best coordinators possible. Non-populistic algorithms, like PageRank,
      allow a group member to rise in status without having to play the
      popularity game.


      -Mark, Seattle WA USA

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