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1[minciu_sodas_en] Introductions

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Feb 5, 2000
      Hello Cass, Siva,
      So far it is the three of us. Welcome to Minciu Sodas!
      The Minciu Sodas laboratory is devoted to "caring about thinking".
      We organize public research to pursue endeavors that foster caring
      about thinking.
      This discussion group is open to all, so that we could:
      - Have as broad of an input as possible regarding what would be
      constructive endeavors.
      - Provide a gateway for people who would like to join the Minciu
      Sodas laboratory - for free - by helping collect examples of caring
      about thinking.
      I'm visiting my friends John and Julie Harland and their kids, in
      Carlsbad, California. Tomorrow I leave with my brother Jonas on a road
      trip, probably through the Sierra foothills.
      I'm in the mood to think about life, what's a good way to get a
      handle on useful endeavors.
      Right now we only have one endeavor - to develop an import/export
      standard for aggregates of notes so that we can use software to
      accumulate and reflect on our own thoughts without getting them trapped
      in a particular format.
      It would be great to start up more endeavors. So it would be a big
      help to consider what might we do to further "caring about thinking".
      I invite us to introduce ourselves, and start off in any direction.

      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas laboratory
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