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Riga White Nights art show and 12 Questions

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Didzis Veinbergs and all in Latvia! I wonder if you might have thoughts on applying for the following art exhibit. I m thinking of doing so and presenting
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2010
      Didzis Veinbergs and all in Latvia! I wonder if you might have thoughts
      on applying for the following art exhibit. I'm thinking of doing so and
      presenting art related to "12 Questions" http://www.12questions.org for
      engaging independent thinkers and our answers. I wonder if you have
      ideas! Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...

      Jonas Kulikauskas wrote:
      > Survival Kit 2 - Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Riga
      > *„Survival Kit 2” international art project*
      > Last September the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art produced an
      > international art project SURVIVAL KIT, which invited over 70 artists
      > to reflect upon diverse survival strategies in the modern world. The
      > global society is currently actively preoccupied with this subject and
      > it has become particularly urgent also in Latvia. The project took
      > place in the empty shopping spaces of the city, one of the most
      > noticeable features in the face of the economic crisis. Artists turned
      > the empty retail premises into creative laboratories that housed
      > exhibitions, an improvised second-hand fashion parlour, a bookstore
      > and a whole array of activities that involved the society.
      > More about the project:
      > http://www.lcca.lv/projects/survival_eng/
      > This autumn the next stage of the project is planned to take place,
      > using the new initiatives and creative incubators as a platform for
      > SURVIVAL KIT 2 project. The current situation is characterized by a
      > fiasco of liberal capitalism, a collapse of economy, threats to the
      > ecology, outbreaks of regional conflicts.
      > What can artists do in this situation? Keep searching for creative
      > survival strategies by finding innovative and witty solutions.
      > SURVIVAL KIT 2 is characterized by the following keywords: migration,
      > community, utopia, alternative economy, power, ecology. In the
      > previous SURVIVAL KIT project, at the time when the society was just
      > getting acquainted with the situation created by the economic crisis
      > and was possibly under the illusion that it was a temporary occurrence
      > soon to pass, artists focused on DIY strategies, using low-cost
      > materials, short-term, spontaneous solutions, ironic attributes of
      > spirituality, commentary and documentation of the situation.
      > SURVIVAL KIT 2 calls for a critical analysis of the current situation
      > as well as viewing things in a long-term perspective, changing the
      > usual direction of thinking, focusing on sustainable strategies and
      > taking a look into the future.
      > Nicolas Bourriaud has said that the contemporary artist „instead of a
      > utopian agenda [...] seeks only to find provisional solutions in the
      > here and now” - instead of trying to change their environment, artists
      > today are simply „learning to inhabit the world in a better way”. The
      > participants of SURVIVAL KIT 2 will be urged to create functioning
      > „microtopias” for the present time.
      > The LCCA is waiting for artists` submissions that have to be sent to
      > the e-mail address below.
      > Submission includes:
      > 1) Project description
      > 2) Approximate costs
      > 3) CV of the author
      > *Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art
      > Solvita Krese
      > Alberta iela 13
      > LV-1010 Riga
      > Latvia
      > tel: +371 67039282
      > fax: +371 67039283
      > **skrese@...* <mailto:skrese@...>*
      > **www.lcca.lv* <http://www.lcca.lv/>* *
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