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Abraham MILLER from Russia 1890 wife, Ida.

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    abe miller is not a list member abe miller in phila 1910 From: abe miller To: Subject: miller is a tough name to
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      abe miller is not a list member

      abe miller in phila 1910

      From: "abe miller" <miller@...>
      To: <moishe@...>
      Subject: miller is a tough name to research
      Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 22:43:10 -0700
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      Stumbled upon your interesting web page recently.

      I have had no luck in tracing my MILLER roots previous to the U.S.
      census of 1900. Most of the relatives are gone and how often I
      chide myself for never showing any interest as a young person when
      my father would relate stories which would be invaluable to my
      genealogical endeavers. At any rate this is what I know: My
      grandfather Abraham MILLER emigrated from Russia about 1890
      probably with his wife, Ida. My father Harry was born in NYC in
      1897 and his sister, Rose was born a year later. Abraham died in
      Philadelphia in 1910. My father and his sister moved to and
      remained in Philadelphia. My father married Rose LANE and his
      sister married Manfred LAPAYOWKER.

      I doubt that I will "connect" with anyone but anyway it's worth a

      abe miller
      langley, wa


      My ggf was Abe Gedaliyaha Miller married to Mambtze Sverdelekovsky. They
      immigrated fm Boslov ukraine to Phila around 1906.

      I have a Miller mailing list[Jewish]

      Group name miller-name-jewish
      Group home pagehttp://groups.yahoo.com/group/miller-name-jewish
      Group E-mail: miller-name-jewish@yahoogroups.com
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