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8Avraham Miller

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  • Bryan Miller
    Sep 4, 1998
      Milton Botwinick,

      A couple of things sound very familiar in your email dated Jul 16 1998.

      My GGF's name was Berel Melamed (Benjamin Miller in the US). Ben was born
      in Mozyr, Bellarus (near Kiev) in 1885. I remember hearing, as a child,
      that his father's name was Gedaliah Melamed. Ben's wife's name was
      Chaja-Leja Shargorodsky (Leah in the US) born in Ivankov, Ukraine 1888.

      There used to be a cousin's club of Millers, Millards, and Turows in
      Chicago. Most interesting is that the source couple of the cousin's club
      was Abraham and Miriam (no last names). Abraham was either Ben's first
      cousin or his uncle.

      Do you have more info on "Avraham Gedaliah Miller who came to phila 1904?"

      I'm in the early stages of gathering info for a tree and I have some good
      leads on a relative named Glenn Katz who may have this info.

      Bryan Miller