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157Willis R. Harding, Cedar Falls, Iowa, Eva L. Millard, Lennox, PA

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  • Michele Herbon
    Mar 4, 2009
      Hello Miller Family!!  My name is Michele and I'm in ohio. I want to start off by telling you a few things about me. I have a little bit of an odd hobby. I like to collect vintage photographs/ letters/papers anything of age, and then do research to try to find "KIN" folk to what I have and then send it "home again" at no charge. I enjoy doing it and have been doing it for several months now. I honestly don't see any end in sight, which makes me happy.
      You should also know that I am in no way related to the Harding/Millard Family. And the last thing you should know is that the info I'm about to tell you about is something that "I" personally, am not selling. It's on a site called shopgoodwill. com That site belongs to all those Goodwill Thrift stores you see out here across the USA. I do not work for them, not affiliated with them, and am not selling anything. I just want to be CRYSTAL clear on this. They sell items on there for helping people in their community and these items are all donated to them. They have it set up just about like ebay.
      Anyway, now that you know my intentions are "innocent", I'll go on.
      I was browing through to see if anything caught my eye, and boy did one ever!
      Here's what I found concerning the Harding/Millard family.

      Vintage 50th Anniversary Photo (4540797)(That's the number in case you want to view it)
      About 8.25in by 10in. Black and white photo of Willis Harding and Eva Millard, of Lennox Penn on their 50th Wedding anniversary. Taken in 1929. Identifying note on back. Separation lower left corner of frame. Some rubs on corners of frame. About .25in chip on frame.
      There's another photo showing a slip of paper with this info on it:
      Willis R. Harding
      Cedar Falls, Iowa
      Eva L. Millard
      Lennox, PA
      50th Wedding Anniversary
      Married The Baptist Parsinage
      March 26th, 1879 No town given, PA.
      I thought it might be worth a shot.
      Anyhoo....there you go Harding/Millard Family members. I hope someone find it.

      I am going to be unsubscribing from these lovely families though as like I stated before, I have no Harding/Millards in my family.

      Thanks for reading!
      Michele in Ohio

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