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104Lurker - question

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  • patentable
    Oct 6, 2002
      I've been a lurker here long enough.

      I probably don't know quite where to begin. My grandfather, Isadore
      Miller b. 1892 came to Chicago probably around 1905 from
      Bessarabia?. Married to Bessie Podolsky (my grandmother) - also born
      about 1892 in Bessarabia. Three sons b. 1919/1920 - Judd, Harold and
      George. Isadore came to the US alone, although I had heard of a
      sister? I think. He may have been "sponsored by a cousin with the
      last name of Mehlman? He was revered as "Uncle". but not really an

      Bessie was active in the HIAS chapter in Chicago - or so I've been

      Any possible links to other Miller families?

      Bob Miller