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  • botwinick@aol.com
    Jan 28, 2002
      The Miller Family; Other Miller Trees


      The following is a list of other Miller trees that have never been proven to

      connect to our tree. They are included here both to indicate that they have

      already been addressed, and as an aid for further research.

      The text of the messages were preserved in their original Email format.

      1. Mueller's (Henry) from "Jewtown", Russia

      2. Max, son of Velvel, son of Moishe Miller, from Gac, Poland

      3. Johann Müller from Deckendorf Bavaria

      4. Morris Miller of Fall River, MA & Newport, RI

      5. Leah Muller married Aharon Dovid Kornfeld, a Rav in Makow. Her father was

      Gavriel Muller, Av Beit Din in Maatersdorf, brother of Nathan Muller, who

      lived 1828-1891

      6. SOLOMON MILLER was 93 when he died in Brooklyn,NY, in 1986.He was from

      Russia,via Cuba

      7. Hyman MILLER from the Lomza, Poland area (Piantnica)

      8. Saul Miller of Dobromil, Galicia

      9. Chaim (Hyman) Miller lists his birthplace as both Maciow (ship manifest)

      and Wolza

      10. Aaron David Muller, was born in Ivanovo/Janowa, not far from Pinsk. His

      father was Solomon Muller, who died in December 1926, probably in Pinsk. AD

      was born in 1883, so Solomon is probably around the 1850's

      11. Reuben Miller from Brest-Litovsk

      12. Mordechai Miller from Dobromil, Galicia

      13. Jonah Muller married Rivka Wiesel of Sighet, Romania early in the 20th


      14. Mendel Menachem Miller was reportedly born in 1868 in Kabaliak, Poltava

      15. Samuel Abraham Miller, now deceased, was born in 1901 in or around

      Pasvalys, Lithuania. His father was Harry Miller (Muller), 1870-1922, son of

      Chiam and Bluma (Weinberg) Muller

      16. Gedalia/Julius Miller was approximately 18 years old when he made the

      trip from Pultusk to New York, in 1905

      17. Jack Miller was born Jacob Uscher Mehler, in Sadagora,

      Bosnia-Herzegovinia (?) on November 16, 1891

      18. Benjamin Hoffman Miller, son of Solomon Miller, came to Passaic, NJ in

      1908 at age 8 from Brest-Litovsk with his mother (Sarah/Sunny/Sonya Hoffman

      Miller) and two step-sisters from his father's prior wife, Yente Susserman,

      who probably died in 1898.

      19. Pauline (Chai Perel) Miller was from Kieva Gubernya. Joseph and Rivka

      Miller were from Austria-Hungary.

      20. Gregory (Herchle?) Miller was born around 1860, somewhere in Poland. He

      lived in Plonsk; there he had around ten children

      21. Lewis Miller came from Prussia to USA in 1869

      22. Ian Miller, only son/child of Samuel Bernard Miller, who was in turn one

      of 4 (?) children of Frank (Ephraim) Miller. He came to South Africa probably

      at the turn of the century

      23. Louis Miller, was a poor peddlar who immigrated to Canada from Russia as

      a young boy. His father's name was Frank Miller, the son of Nathan Miller,

      all of whom were from Eastern Europe

      24. Morris (Moishe) Miller had a brother named Simon. They originally lived

      on the eastern shore of Maryland, in Pocomoke City

      25. Isaac Behr Miller lived in Ponovish Lithuania & had 8 children. He

      emmigrated to Africa in the 1930's from Ponovish Lithuania.

      26. HERMAN JOSEPH MILLER (1850 - 1944) married to Yetta (nee?) Miller

      (1864-1942), landed in Philadelphia

      27. Miller from Dubveh, Russia

      28. Harry Miller from Gorodische, Minsk Guberynia, Belarus

      29. Jacob (Yacov) Miller and Zecil Hartman (Hertzman?) from Tysmenitsa, near

      Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine

      30. Lieb (Labe?) Miller, and Rivka Bakatursky Miller, from a town near Vilna,


      31. Muller's from Visoul-de-sus, Romainia

      32. Miller's from Kosice, Slovakia

      33. Miller branch from Kremenets, Ukraine. Israel Miller (b.1850)

      34. Marysha (Miriam) TABACHNIK, from Vilna, emigrated to US, turn of the

      century. Either in the old country OR here, she married a man named MILLER,

      first name unknown

      35. Moses Miller from Russia

      36. Chaim Miller from Hivniv (Ugnev)

      37. Louis or Lewis Miller, who lived in Baltimore at one point, then possibly

      Pittsburg, and is thought to be buried in the Chicago area.

      38. Meshel" Miller, who married Chaya Schaindel Schertzer from Narajow, in


      39. Minnie Miller, married to Joseph Nadelsteicher, of Sanok

      40. M.(endel) Muller from the Rokishok (Rokiskis), Lithuania

      41. Fanny Miller of Indiana

      42. Emanuel (Menachem Mendel) Adler, born in Dibeve, Ukraine, to Moishe and

      Yehudis Miller

      43. Gussie Miller (Chaya Gitel Muller) was born circa 1881 in Nemirov,

      Galicia. Her parents' names were Pesach and Rifka/Rachel

      44. Mordecai, from Poland

      45. Marjen Mullerow married a Gottlob

      46. Avraham David Miller(from Nyirbator)

      47. Zeilig Miller(from Kosice), of the tribe of Levi

      48. Miller from Dubveh

      49. Abraham Miller from Russia

      50. Mordecai Miller

      51. Solomon Miller of Minsk/Grodno

      52. Arthur Clayton Miller from Cambria County, Pennsylvania

      53. Mordechai Peretz Miller from Janeva, Lithuania

      54. Isaac Miller & Hannah (nee) Limmer from Sambor, Austria-Hungary now in

      the Ukraine



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