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1Arthur Miller-PA

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  • AlsknAngel@xxx.xxxx
    Jul 5, 1998
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      I am new to this list and hoping eventually I can find some info on my
      grandfather, ARTHUR CLAYTON MILLER. We (my family) have been searching for a
      very long time and still come up empty. Here's the info:

      1. ARTHUR CLAYTON MILLER, b. 30 Dec 1885-1891, m. #1 unknown, m #2 FLORENCE
      ELIZABETH CREECH, 27 Mar 1922, Elkville, IL; d. 23 Mar 1956.
      Path>Germany?>Johnstown, PA>DAVIS Ranch, CO>WWI>Perry Co,IL
      Note: We have not located him in any census-ever!
      Children: (I have more info, contact me if needed)
      Villa Mae
      Earl Franklin
      Elizabeth Kathryn
      Dorthy Grace
      Arthur Glenn
      Sonda Rae
      Frank Dale
      Mitchell Ray (my dad)
      Year of birthdate is undetermined because the few documents we have are
      Birthplace? He used to say Johnstown, PA; however, after he passed away,
      several cousins have ventured forth saying that he told my grandmother that he
      and his family actually emigrated from GERMANY during the 1880's, and that the
      family name may have been changed from MUELLER. I have not located any
      records for he/his family via shipping lists.
      Religion? We are fairly positive that he was of JEWISH descent, his marker
      put there by the military has the Jewish star, plus my uncles remember that he
      was circumcised. He didn't raise his family to be Jewish, he also had a
      strong dislike for certain other religions.
      Parents? He maintained that FRANK MILLER was his father, no conflicts on the
      few documents we have. However, we have listed for his mother several
      SUTITINE BLAIR, SUTITIA BLAIR. We don't have any clues as to which may be
      correct. Points to ponder: Why CLAYTON as his middle name? Why did he
      repeatedly spend time on the DAVIS ranch?
      History? Evidently, his father died when he was a young lad, possibly around
      the age of 4 or 5. He also said that he worked in the coal mines as a kid,
      and ran away from home due to the mistreatment of his step-father around the
      age of 12. He had a first wife, no other clues about her. She is supposed to
      have died in childbirth. He spent a lot of time in Colorado, the military has
      his occupation at enlistment as a conductor. He went IL after WWI-why we
      don't know. He also may have a sister or half-sister.
      I know this is a long email; however, I'm trying to add in as many clues as
      possible, it's been a very frustrating search. Thanks, all!