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  • dangfitz
    Dear Fellow Libertarian, I m writing you to ask you to help me kick off my campaign for U.S. Senate in Oregon. In this letter, you ll find a quick description
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2002
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      Dear Fellow Libertarian,

      I'm writing you to ask you to help me kick off my campaign for U.S.
      Senate in Oregon. In this letter, you'll find a quick description of
      some of the issues I intend to raise, a link to my web site, and,
      yes, a plea for campaign donations.

      Before I ask for your help, it's only fair that I tell you what it is
      you'd be helping me to do.

      I'm running in a race against a well-funded millionaire incumbent and
      a Democrat who can expect a lot of money to try to unseat him. You
      can expect to see a record in spending, because control of the Senate
      will depend on the outcome of a handful of races, and one of them
      probably will be this one in Oregon. (See, for example, Richard
      Aguirre's Statesman-Journal article at
      http://news.statesmanjournal.com/article.cfm?i=40574%20) Gordon Smith
      won under 50% of the vote to get elected. Democrats enjoy a
      registered voter lead of 39.37% to 35.78% for the GOP (21.92%
      unaffiliated, 2.93% "Other").

      Yes, it would take a miracle for me to win this race. Miracles
      occasionally happen, but this sort of miracle would take a few
      million dollars. I'm not planning on a miracle to put us over the
      top, I'm planning on hard work - and your help - to get us closer to
      the top.

      But what I can do is beat the margin of difference, garnering us a
      lot of positive publicity. I can attract a lot of media attention,
      because the fact that I'm in the race could end up being a major
      focus of national and state news. I can move us forward a bit. I
      could end up with a lot of people asking me why I'm in this race.

      I'll tell them that I'm in this race because neither of the major
      party candidates wants any limits on government.

      I'll tell them that it was Gordon Smith's job to tell John Ashcroft
      that he has no business forcing his moral values into the
      relationship between Oregonians and their doctors.

      I'll tell them that if John Ashcroft and George Bush have decided to
      grab power not given them in the Constitution, it is a Senator's job
      to defend the Constitution. Gordon Smith took an oath to God to
      defend that Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
      When the time came, he wasn't even a speed bump.

      I'll tell them that I trust Oregonians to live their own lives
      peacefully without interference from the federal government.

      I'll tell them that corporate welfare is wrong. It is wrong to tax us
      and give the money to prop up their political allies. I'll tell them
      that Enron got everything it paid for: subsidies to build plants in
      India, preferential treatment from state power authorities, even a
      few impressive little tricks thrown into the tax code.

      I'll quote Paul Gigot: "In case you didn't know it, ethanol is made
      by mixing corn with your tax dollars."

      I'll tell them that Scottie Pippen is a great basketball player, and
      I'm quite willing to pay to watch him play, but that it's wrong to
      tax you to give him a $131,000 farm subsidy - and in his case, he
      gets the money to NOT GROW ANYTHING. Other recipients? Ted Turner
      $176,000. The take for David Rockefeller was $352,000, Rep. Doug Ose
      $149,000, Rep. Marion Berry $750,000 and Hancock Mutual Life
      Insurance $211,000. That's right; they tax you and me, and give money
      to Billionaires, themselves, and Insurance giants. Gordon Smith co-
      sponsored this legislation, and voted in favor of it. I'll ask why
      he needs me to tell him that this is wrong.

      My mission, my job, is to advance the cause of liberty. Every
      candidate in the state will benefit from me running a good race. I
      hope that I'll be a visible face in this race, and I believe that if
      I can get out there, I will bring a lot of new people into the fold.
      I can bring in people who are already Libertarians from all political
      persuasions. There are people who vote Democrat and Green because
      they don't know about us, or have a wrong perception of us. There are
      a lot of people who vote Republican because they want limited
      government. I'll tell them that we are here, that they can vote
      for someone who agrees with them, not someone who will give them
      vague reasons why it won't work. Some of them will agree, and vote
      for me in this election. Probably many more will hear it, and be more
      inclined to vote for us in the future. Either way, we move the ball

      I'll do this by talking to people who already agree with us. I've
      already spoken at Gun Clubs, Peace Rallies, College political groups,
      and NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)
      events. These people all agree with us, but many don't know who we
      are. I can stand in front of them, an make a persuasive case for
      voting for what they believe in.

      When you're online, spread my website address
      and email address (danfitz2002@...) widely.

      And, finally, my campaign needs money.

      I need to buy envelopes (10,000 costs $791), letterhead paper (10,000
      costs $725), and pay for a mailing (10,000 costs $800). I'll need
      lawn signs (1000 = $1100, one color) business cards (5000 = $307),
      and a banner for booths ($70). If I raise enough, I'll buy
      commercials on radio. I figure that I need $8000 to get started. My
      opponents have millions. I can make a difference - a big difference -
      with $8,000. One of the things I'll do with that is expand our fund
      raising base, and recruit new members.

      But here's where I'm starting, with this letter.

      Can you donate $10? If enough people do that, my campaign starts.

      Can you do more? $25 donations are going to be the bread & butter of
      this campaign.

      Can you donate $50 or $100 to this cause? If the Republicans see that
      they have to return to their principles because their candidates are
      losing, your taxes will go down by more than that. If they're too
      thick-headed, then we'll do better and better until we replace them.
      Either way, it's a good investment.

      Are you blessed enough to donate $250? $500? $1000? Liberty is worth
      it. As long as we do better and better each election, we'll
      eventually win.

      you can donate in one of three ways:

      By mail to:

      Dan Fitzgerald 2002
      820A NW 21st Ave
      Portland, Oregon, 97209

      Via PayPal to:


      Or online at:


      Thank you for your time, and if you have any questions, comments, or
      suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

      Dan Fitzgerald


      Federal election law requires political committees to use best
      efforts to report the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of
      employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar
      year. An individual may not contribute more than a total of $1000 to
      the committee.
      Federal law prohibits contributions to the committee from the general
      treasury funds of a corporation, labor organizations or national
      banks (including corporate or other business entity credit cards),
      from any person contributing another's funds, from a Federal
      government contractor, or from a foreign national who lacks permanent
      resident status. Contributions are not deductible for Federal income
      tax purposes.

      The Campaign may accept contributions from minors (persons under the
      age of 18) if the minor makes the contribution knowingly and
      voluntarily, the minor contributes his or her own funds, and the
      contribution is not controlled by another individual or made from the
      proceeds of a gift given to provide funds to be contributed.
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