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"Seven of Nine"

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  • lvf_director
    Libertarian Victory Fund Wins Big in November Elections! Seven of Nine. That s not just the name of a character on Star Trek Voyager. It s
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2001
      Libertarian Victory Fund Wins Big in November
      Elections!<br><br>"Seven of Nine." <br><br>That's not just the name of a
      character on "Star Trek Voyager." It's also the success
      ratio of Libertarian Victory Fund (LVF) targeted
      campaigns in the November 6 elections!!!<br><br>"We had a
      78% win rate in the November elections," said LVF
      Executive Director Chris Azzaro. "As far as I know, that
      means we're producing the best results of any project
      or organization in the Libertarian Party
      today."<br><br>"We're very proud of the progress that is being
      made."<br><br>LVF targeted campaigns posted an impressive seven
      victories out of nine targeted races. All of these wins
      were to significant policy making offices -- six city
      councilmen and one mayor.<br><br>"These were big-time
      victories," said Chris Azzaro<br><br>Libertarian Party
      national headquarters noted the unusual number of
      "significant" victories this year. But those wins were not just
      some unexplainable windfall for the party, according
      to Chris Azzaro. He said the big wins were largely
      the result of months of planning, and over $18,000 of
      LVF money being poured into these races.<br><br>These
      victories are even more impressive because of the fact that
      six of them were challengers achieving their very
      first wins! <br><br>"These were some very difficult
      races. But the LVF was determined to push these
      hardworking candidates over the top."<br><br>The Libertarian
      Victory Fund, a PAC launched in March of 2001, is
      designed to target, train, and support quality Libertarian
      candidates running in winnable local-level races. In
      addition to the seven recent targeted wins, the LVF also
      supported two other winning campaigns earlier this year in
      Michigan and Massachusetts.<br><br>"This has been a real
      success story. And we have every reason to believe that
      things will continue to get better."<br><br>The LVF has
      also provided six Libertarian activists with
      all-expenses-paid scholarships to political training schools this
      year. Additionally, the LVF has distributed over 390
      copies of its free campaign training manual.
      <br><br>"Our goal, to upgrade the overall professionalism of
      local Libertarian campaigns throughout the county, now
      seems well within reach."<br><br>The LVF plans to
      enhance both the training and candidate support programs
      in 2002.<br><br>Said Azzaro: "We're working very
      hard right now to reach out to Libertarians across the
      country to let them know what we're doing, and the
      successes that we've already had.<br><br>"This is just the
      beginning. Once we expand our donor base, we'll be able to
      do so much more.<br><br>"If you're looking for real
      progress, real results, and actual Libertarian victories,
      the LVF clearly offers the best bang-for-the-buck.
      <br><br>"The LVF is building a Libertarian election-winning
      machine to defeat the statists."<br><br>As Seven of Nine
      would tell them: Resistance is futile!<br><br>For more
      information on the LVF, or to make a contribution, go to:
      <a href=http://www.LibertarianVictoryFund.com. target=new>http://www.LibertarianVictoryFund.com.</a>
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