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[FND] Afghanistan: US may bolster mission; copter toll at 16;Senate endorses CAFTA

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  • Terry L Parker
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      : >From the publisher:
      : 1. "We hold these truths to be self-evident ..."
      : Freedom headline news:
      : 1. Afghanistan: US may bolster mission; copter toll at 16
      : 2. Senate endorses CAFTA
      : 3. Rhode Island: Governor to patients -- "suffer on"
      : 4. New Hampshire: Police guard Souter's property
      : 5. Iraq: Baghdad's mayor threatens to resign
      : 6. Time Magazine capitulates to court order on press notes
      : 7. Spain becomes third nation to recognize marriage rights
      : 8. NASA sets July 13 for Discovery launch date
      : 9. Italy denies knowing of alleged CIA kidnapping plot
      : 10. Foreigners blamed for Iraq suicide attacks
      : 11. US stockpiling bird flu drug
      : 12. Aid workers welcome US pledge to Africa
      : 13. Fed raises interest rates for ninth time
      : 14. US keeps control of Internet computers
      : 15. Bush: Kyoto would hurt economy
      : 16. Bush questions Iran leader-elect's past
      : 17. Medical marijuana PSAs to begin
      : 18. UK: ID card rebels offer compromise
      : 19. Russia: Scruffy journos ordered to look the part
      : 20. Canada: Police arrest, release men, seize guns
      : 21. South Africa: Gun thugs prepare for end of amnesty
      : 22. Nebraska: Fake guns "concern" local law enforcement
      : 23. Internet crashes in Pakistan
      : 24. New Hampshire: Papers pull housing ads
      : 25. It's Blue Vs. Orange in Israel ribbon war
      : Freedom commentary:
      : 1. Bush the melting
      : 2. Let's regain our freedom by restoring the Bill of
      : 3. Libertarians do it voluntarily!
      : 4. Some tricky ideas to watch out for
      : 5. That other war
      : 6. How to end the war: Negotiations now!
      : 7. A real lockbox for Social Security
      : 8. A heap of precedents
      : 9. Moral cowards in hiding
      : 10. Constitutional hypocrisy and the desecration amendment
      : 11. Who's in the army now
      : 12. Terminating the economy
      : 13. Bush's big gambit
      : 14. Unocal hysteria
      : 15. Freedom starts at the cookie jar
      : 16. Look it up
      : 17. The supremacy of the super-citizen
      : 18. The OxyContin "epidemic"
      : 19. Eminent development
      : 20. This is the first day of the rest of your death
      : 21. What was Bush thinking?
      : 22. Federal funding for mental health screening of kids
      : 23. The nation weeps as Bush lies
      : 24. My nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize
      : 25. Fr. Coughlin and friends
      : 26. Who cares about the income gap?
      : 27. Voucher: Solution or flawed compromise?
      : 28. The UN's silent scandal
      : 29. Real Republicans don't raise taxes
      : 30. How Grandpa helped build the nuclear bomb
      : Freedom movement news:
      : 1. ISIL 2005 World Conference
      : 2. Take Action: Flag Desecration Amendment Crisis
      : 3. TCF Combat Rifle Postal Match
      : 4. Oppose FBI Spying on Free Speech Activities
      : 5. "Lost Liberty Hotel" rental pledge
      : 6. Summer of Truth
      : 7. Porc Fest 2005
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      : From the Publisher
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      : 1. "We hold these truths to be self-evident ..."
      : Dear readers,
      : Many of the things which seemed self-evident to the 56 men
      who cast
      : caution aside and declared the separation of America from
      Britain are
      : today matters of controversy.
      : The Unanimous Declaration was written on paper made of a
      : that, today, it is considered a crime to possess in the
      country that
      : document gave birth to.
      : The property which they risked -- and in some cases
      incurred --
      : seizure of is today considered fair game for any corporate
      : queen with a scheme and a friend at City Hall.
      : The guns with which they brought the greatest empire in
      the history
      : of the world to its knees are today considered
      contraband --
      : precisely because they can be used for such things.
      : We've come a long way, baby, and in the wrong direction.
      But the
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      : Freedom Headline News
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      : 1. Afghanistan: US may bolster mission; copter toll at 16
      : ----------
      : USA Today
      : "More U.S. troops could be sent to Afghanistan to secure
      parts of the
      : country before parliamentary elections planned for
      September, the
      : chief of operations for the military's Joint Staff said
      : Marine Lt. Gen. James Conway said the intensifying battle
      : rebels has claimed the largest one-day American death toll
      : Afghanistan since U.S. troops entered the country in 2001.
      : Conway said, have recovered the bodies of 16 U.S.
      : killed when their MH-47 Chinook helicopter was shot down
      : (06/30/05)
      : http://tinyurl.com/cfxpx
      : comments:
      : 2. Senate endorses CAFTA
      : ----------
      : MSNBC
      : "The Senate on Thursday endorsed a free trade [sic]
      agreement with
      : six Latin American nations, handing a major win to
      President Bush,
      : who has promoted the accord as a mark of U.S. commitment
      to democracy
      : and prosperity in the hemisphere. The vote was 54-45 in
      favor of the
      : Central America Free Trade Agreement, setting the stage
      for a final
      : battle in the House, where the agreement's many critics
      have vowed to
      : defeat it." (06/30/05)
      : http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8424884/
      : comments:
      : 3. Rhode Island: Governor to patients -- "suffer on"
      : ----------
      : Pawtucket Times
      : "Saying he believes it will encourage more marijuana use,
      Gov. Donald
      : Carcieri made good Wednesday on his threat to veto the
      : marijuana bill. 'This bill will make marijuana more
      available to
      : children in Rhode Island,' the governor said in a
      three-page veto
      : message. 'The amount of marijuana this bill authorizes is
      : staggering.' ... An impassioned Rep. Thomas Slater, the
      House sponsor
      : of the bill and one of the two people for whom the bill is
      named (the
      : other is Edwin O. Hawkins, nephew of Sen. Rhoda Perry, the
      sponsor of
      : the Senate version) said the veto demonstrates that
      Carcieri 'has no
      : compassion. He has proven that on this issue. Where is his
      : for the sick and elderly?' .... Slater said he will ask
      House Speaker
      : William Murphy to schedule an override of the veto."
      : http://tinyurl.com/cv6s7
      : comments:
      : 4. New Hampshire: Police guard Souter's property
      : ----------
      : Yahoo! News
      : "Following a Supreme Court ruling last week that gave
      : governments power to seize private property, someone has
      : taking over Justice David Souter's New Hampshire farmhouse
      : turning it into a hotel. 'The justification for such an
      : domain action is that our hotel will better serve the
      public interest
      : as it will bring in economic development and higher tax
      revenue to
      : Weare,' Logan Darrow Clements of California wrote in a
      letter faxed
      : to town officials in Weare on Tuesday. ... A few police
      cruisers were
      : parked on the edge of Souter's property Tuesday. 'It was a
      : precaution, just being protective,' said Lt. Mark Bodanza.
      : is the CEO of Los Angeles-based Freestar Media that fights
      : government through a Web site and cable show. He plans to
      move to New
      : Hampshire soon as part of the Free State Project, a group
      : supports limiting government powers." [Editor's note:
      Making them a
      : bit nervous, eh? Also see Critic tries to get Souter's
      home seized
      : for a picture of the house - MLS] [additional editor's
      note: I wonder
      : ... does everyone whose whom is threatened with eminent
      domain gets
      : police protection, or are some people "more equal than
      others?" -
      : TLK](06/30/05)
      : comments:
      : 5. Iraq: Baghdad's mayor threatens to resign
      : ----------
      : Houston Chronicle
      : "Baghdad's mayor decried the capital's crumbling
      infrastructure and
      : its inability to supply enough clean water to residents,
      : today to resign if the government won't provide more
      money. The
      : statement from Mayor Alaa Mahmoud al-Timimi was an
      indication of the
      : daily misery that Baghdad's 6.45 million people still
      endure more
      : than two years after the U.S.-led invasion. They are
      wracked not only
      : by unrelenting bombings and kidnappings, but by serious
      shortages in
      : water, electricity and fuel." (06/30/05)
      : comments:
      : 6. Time Magazine capitulates to court order on press notes
      : ----------
      : Tampa Tribune
      : "Breaking ranks with The New York Times, Time magazine
      said Thursday
      : it would comply with a court order to hand over the notes
      of a
      : reporter threatened with jail for refusing to cooperate
      with an
      : investigation into the unmasking of a CIA operative. Time
      : after just days after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected
      appeals from
      : its White House correspondent Matt Cooper and New York
      Times reporter
      : Judith Miller, who have been locked in an eight-month
      battle with the
      : government to protect their confidential sources."
      : http://tinyurl.com/7kfxa
      : comments:
      : 7. Spain becomes third nation to recognize marriage rights
      : ----------
      : Las Vegas Review-Journal
      : "Spain became the third country to legalize gay marriage
      Thursday in
      : a parliament vote that left gay activists blowing kisses
      to lawmakers
      : and the powerful Catholic Church issuing veiled calls for
      : The new law increases the chances of happiness for 'our
      : our work colleagues, our friends, our relatives,' said
      Prime Minister
      : Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. The 350-seat Congress of
      Deputies, by a
      : vote of 187-147 with four abstentions, approved the
      measure to give
      : homosexual couples the same rights as heterosexual ones,
      : the right to adopt children." (06/30/05)
      : http://tinyurl.com/c35jd
      : comments:
      : 8. NASA sets July 13 for Discovery launch date
      : ----------
      : USA Today
      : "NASA officials on Thursday set July 13 as the target date
      for launch
      : of the first space shuttle flight since the loss of
      Columbia in 2003.
      : The decision came after a two-day meeting during which
      : managers reviewed problems that could block the flight of
      : Discovery and her crew of seven. 'Based on a very thorough
      and very
      : successful flight readiness review, we're currently 'go'
      for launch
      : of Discovery on July 13,' NASA Administrator Michael
      Griffin said."
      : (06/30/05)
      : http://tinyurl.com/8eqnd
      : comments:
      : 9. Italy denies knowing of alleged CIA kidnapping plot
      : ----------
      : Houston Chronicle
      : "The Italian government denied today it had prior
      knowledge of the
      : alleged CIA kidnapping of a radical Egyptian cleric in
      2003, an
      : operation that has led prosecutors to seek the arrest of
      13 purported
      : CIA operatives. Carlo Giovanardi, minister for relations
      : parliament, addressed the Senate in response to opposition
      : that Italy say whether authorities knew of plans to kidnap
      : Egyptian, considered an Islamic terrorist. Italian
      prosecutors have
      : accused the 13 CIA officials of kidnapping Osama Moustafa
      : Nasr, known as Abu Omar, on a Milan street on Feb. 17,
      2003, and
      : sending him to Egypt, where he reportedly was tortured."
      : comments:
      : 10. Foreigners blamed for Iraq suicide attacks
      : ----------
      : Indianapolis Star
      : "The vast majority of suicide attackers in Iraq are
      thought to be
      : foreigners -- mostly Saudis and other Gulf Arabs -- and
      the trend has
      : become more pronounced this year with North Africans also
      : in to carry out deadly missions, U.S. and Iraqi officials
      say. The
      : bombers are recruited from Sunni communities, smuggled
      into Iraq from
      : Syria after receiving religious indoctrination, and then
      : bundled into cars or strapped with explosive vests and
      sent to their
      : deaths, the officials told The Associated Press. The young
      men are
      : not so much fighters as human bombs -- a relatively small
      but deadly
      : component of the Iraqi insurgency." (06/30/05)
      : http://tinyurl.com/bhfoh
      : comments:
      : 11. US stockpiling bird flu drug
      : ----------
      : MSNBC
      : "The government has not stockpiled enough of the only drug
      known to
      : be effective against bird flu but is in 'aggressive
      discussions' with
      : its maker to buy more, federal health officials said
      Thursday. Enough
      : Tamiflu to treat 2.3 million people is in a national
      stockpile of
      : drugs and vaccines being set aside in preparation for the
      next flu
      : pandemic -- a worldwide outbreak that influenza
      specialists fear
      : could be triggered by the increasingly worrisome bird flu
      in Asia."
      : (06/30/05)
      : http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8421782/
      : comments:
      : 12. Aid workers welcome US pledge to Africa
      : ----------
      : Detroit Free Press
      : "Humanitarian workers welcomed President Bush's promise
      Thursday to
      : double aid to Africa over the next five years, but
      analysts cautioned
      : that money alone won't solve the continent's woes. Good
      governance by
      : African leaders and fair trade policies with the
      : continent are also key, analysts said." (06/30/05)
      : http://tinyurl.com/d3mdy
      : comments:
      : 13. Fed raises interest rates for ninth time
      : ----------
      : Detroit Free Press
      : "The Federal Reserve, keeping a watchful eye on surging
      oil prices,
      : raised a key interest rate by a quarter-point on Thursday.
      The action
      : pushed the federal funds rate up to 3.25 percent. It
      marked the ninth
      : straight increase in the interest that banks charge each
      other on
      : overnight loans and left this benchmark rate at its
      highest level
      : since August 2001. When the Fed started its credit
      : campaign a year ago, the funds rate had been at a 46-year
      low of 1
      : percent." (06/30/05)
      : http://tinyurl.com/exaaz
      : comments:
      : 14. US keeps control of Internet computers
      : ----------
      : CNN
      : "The U.S. government will indefinitely retain oversight of
      the main
      : computers that control traffic on the Internet, ignoring
      calls by
      : some countries to turn the function over to an
      international body, a
      : senior official said Thursday. The announcement marked a
      : from previously stated U.S. policy. Michael D. Gallagher,
      : secretary for communications and information at the
      : Department, shied away from terming the declaration a
      : calling it instead 'the foundation of U.S. policy going
      : (06/30/05)
      : http://tinyurl.com/8szdh
      : comments:
      : 15. Bush: Kyoto would hurt economy
      : ----------
      : CNN
      : "U.S. President George W. Bush said in a Danish TV
      interview aired
      : Thursday that adhering to the Kyoto treaty on climate
      change would
      : have 'wrecked' the U.S. economy, and he called U.S.
      dependence on
      : Gulf oil a 'national security problem.' 'I couldn't in
      good faith
      : have signed Kyoto,' Bush told the Danish Broadcasting
      Corp., noting
      : that the treaty did not include other nations -- including
      India and
      : China -- that he called 'big polluters.'" (06/30/05)
      : http://tinyurl.com/d9jwb
      : comments:
      : 16. Bush questions Iran leader-elect's past
      : ----------
      : Cincinnati Enquirer
      : "The White House said Thursday it was investigating
      whether Iran's
      : new president played a role in seizing the American
      Embassy and
      : holding 52 U.S. captives a quarter century ago. President
      Bush said
      : the allegation by former hostages 'raises many questions.'
      : administration was reviewing its files on Iranian
      : Mahmoud Ahmadinejad after the hostage comments were
      brought to light
      : by The Associated Press." (06/30/05)
      : http://tinyurl.com/b777k
      : comments:
      : 17. Medical marijuana PSAs to begin
      : ----------
      : Marijuana Policy Project
      : "The Marijuana Policy Project's new radio public service
      : announcements (PSAs) feature TV host Montel Williams,
      : author Tom Robbins, and medical marijuana patient Angel
      Raich talking
      : about the need for safe and legal medical marijuana. In
      the first
      : national PSA campaign of its kind featuring actual medical
      : patients, the spots are being distributed to 1,000 radio
      : nationwide and will begin airing in late June and early
      : Television talk show host Montel Williams explains how he
      : medical marijuana to treat the symptoms of multiple
      : Bestselling novelist Tom Robbins, whose mother lost her
      eyesight to
      : glaucoma, advocates safe and legal access to medical
      : Medical marijuana patient and U.S. Supreme Court plaintiff
      : Raich suffers from an inoperable brain tumor,
      : wasting syndrome, seizures, and severe chronic pain."
      : included] (06/30/05)
      : http://www.mpp.org/media/psa.html?tr=y&auid=972407
      : comments:
      : 18. UK: ID card rebels offer compromise
      : ----------
      : Guardian [UK]
      : "Labour rebels have offered an olive branch to Home
      Secretary Charles
      : Clarke over his controversial plans for identity cards,
      inviting him
      : to meet them to talk through their concerns. The chairman
      of the
      : Campaign Group of left-wing MPs John McDonnell, who wrote
      to Mr
      : Clarke, made clear that the rebels were ready to seek
      compromise over
      : his Identity Cards Bill rather than trying to wreck the
      : altogether." (07/01/05)
      : comments:
      : 19. Russia: Scruffy journos ordered to look the part
      : ----------
      : Ananova [UK]
      : "Moscow councillors have introduced a dress code for press
      : conferences as they're sick of being interviewed by
      : journalists. Local politicians were fed up of the sight of
      : dressed journalists with hairy chests showing through open
      : Security guards at the Town Hall will now turn away
      journalists with
      : open shirts, as well as those with patched jeans, string
      vests, tight
      : shorts or flip-flops." (06/30/05)
      : http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_1446535.html
      : comments:
      : 20. Canada: Police arrest, release men, seize guns
      : ----------
      : Vancouver Sun [Canada]
      : "Two members of a first nations 'warrior' group were
      arrested and
      : released without charges Monday after the Burrard Street
      bridge was
      : shut down to apprehend them. Several rifles and ammunition
      : seized, RCMP Staff Sgt. John Ward said. The RCMP national
      : team is continuing its investigation even though the
      : weren't charged, he said. 'We do sometimes release people
      even though
      : we have an ongoing and active investigation.' ... Ward,
      David Dennis,
      : a member of the West Coast Warrior Society, and another
      man had just
      : left the Lever Arms store on Burrard Street after
      purchasing weapons,
      : ammunition and equipment for a first nations outdoor
      training program
      : when they noticed they were being followed by police,
      James Ward
      : said. The bridge was shut down, so their van was the only
      vehicle on
      : the bridge when they were stopped, he said. They were
      surrounded by
      : several RCMP and Vancouver police cars, and were asked one
      by one to
      : leave the van. Police were pointing machine guns at the
      van, James
      : Ward said. He said and his companions were arrested and
      held for
      : about an hour and then taken to their van and released, he
      said. But
      : police kept the weapons and equipment as well as a laptop,
      a couple
      : of notebooks and cell phones." (06/29/05)
      : http://tinyurl.com/bocpc
      : comments:
      : 21. South Africa: Gun thugs prepare for end of amnesty
      : ----------
      : The Mercury [South Africa]
      : "With just hours to go before the end of the firearms
      amnesty, police
      : have warned illegal gun owners to hand in their guns or
      face the
      : wrath of the law. 'If you are found to be in possession of
      an illegal
      : firearm after the amnesty ends, we will charge you,'
      police spokesman
      : Chris Wilken said. The six-month gun amnesty ends at
      : tonight. The amnesty initially began on January 1 and was
      meant to
      : last three months, but it was later extended. 'The amnesty
      has been
      : in effect for six months, so no one can come with the
      excuse that
      : they didn't know about it,' said Wilken. After today, if
      : wanted to hand in an illegal firearm, Wilken said, they
      would need a
      : 'good' reason why they had it in their possession."
      : http://tinyurl.com/8a4ge
      : comments:
      : 22. Nebraska: Fake guns "concern" local law enforcement
      : ----------
      : Papillion Times
      : "Danger pervades much of what a police officer lives with
      : while on duty. Two recent incidents in Papillion are
      perfect examples
      : of how a harmless situation could turn into a tragedy. On
      June 11 an
      : off-duty police officer observed three juveniles walking
      down Lincoln
      : Street with what looked like handguns. Papillion police
      officers were
      : summoned and the three suspects were subdued at gunpoint
      : and spread out on the ground like any other criminal. The
      : said Papillion Police Chief Len Houloose, was the guns
      they were
      : carrying were mere pellet guns they were using to shoot at
      : signs." [editor's note: Since when does possessing an
      carrying a gun
      : constitute being a "criminal" -- or justify the police
      treating you
      : like one? - TLK] (06/29/05)
      : comments:
      : 23. Internet crashes in Pakistan
      : ----------
      : CNN News
      : "An undersea cable carrying data between Pakistan and the
      : world has developed a serious fault, virtually crippling
      data feeds,
      : including the Internet, telecommunications officials said.
      The system
      : crashed late on Monday and was still down on Tuesday
      evening. Many
      : offices across the country ground to a halt as people
      realized it was
      : not one of Pakistan's regular, but usually brief,
      technical hitches.
      : 'It's a worst-case scenario. We are literally blank,' said
      a senior
      : foreign banker who declined to be identified." (06/28/05)
      : http://tinyurl.com/9u77v
      : comments:
      : 24. New Hampshire: Papers pull housing ads
      : ----------
      : Yahoo! News
      : "Six newspapers in New Hampshire have agreed to stop
      running real
      : estate ads that suggest children aren't welcome at the
      : following complaints that the ads violated federal law.
      : dozens landlords and real estate agents also agreed to
      stop placing
      : ads targeting adult tenants and to submit future ads to
      the U.S.
      : Department of Housing and Urban Developmentfor review.
      Federal law
      : prohibits landlords from discriminating against children.
      The ads
      : included promotions like 'one mature person,' 'quiet adult
      : and 'great for a single person.' They are discriminatory
      because they
      : make it harder for families to rent out the locations,
      said Christine
      : Lavallee of New Hampshire Legal Assistance." (06/29/05)
      : http://tinyurl.com/8g4z6
      : comments:
      : 25. It's Blue Vs. Orange in Israel ribbon war
      : ----------
      : My Way News
      : "The battle lines are drawn in a Gaza pullout color war
      that has
      : engulfed Israel. The weapon of choice: ribbons. On the
      orange side
      : are Jewish settlers and their supporters. On the blue side
      are peace
      : activists. In the rush to the finish line, each side is
      tying as many
      : ribbons as possible on cars, backpacks and even wedding
      bouquets to
      : express opposition or support for an upcoming withdrawal
      from the
      : Gaza Strip. Opposing activists stand on street corners and
      : intersections tying ribbons on cars before the light
      changes. Morning
      : newspapers on Monday came with blue-and-white ribbons
      folded inside.
      : Opponents of the pullout say Israel cannot withdraw from
      : lands, while supporters believe Israel cannot continue to
      : Palestinian lands and rule over a hostile people."
      : http://apnews.myway.com/article/20050628/D8B0F6F80.html
      : comments:
      : ----------------------------------------------------------
      : Freedom Commentary
      : ----------------------------------------------------------
      : 1. Bush the melting
      : ----------
      : LewRockwell.Com
      : by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
      : "Pride may goeth before the fall, but with politicians
      like George W.
      : Bush, far too much time separates the pride part from the
      fall part.
      : The damage that he has wrought in this country and the
      world goes
      : beyond accurate enumeration -- most of it made possible
      because he
      : has been able to use 9-11 as his grand excuse to pose as
      God's sword
      : to smite his political enemies at home and abroad. He
      should have
      : slunk away after 9-11, having failed miserably in his
      primary duty,
      : but instead he used a crisis for personal and governmental
      : aggrandizement. That's the pride part. Now, however, his
      : have changed dramatically -- with the fall part finally
      kicking in.
      : Many of us remember that Clinton was highly unpopular --
      in fact, I
      : recall sensing that he was the most hated president of my
      : Well, his highest disapproval rating in his two terms was
      33 percent.
      : I can recall feeling buoyed by the knowledge that fully
      one-third of
      : the public hated the president. But now look at the newest
      ABC News
      : poll: Bush's disapproval rating is 51 percent -- not
      nearly as high
      : as it should be, but enough to give any freedom lover a
      : (07/01/05)
      : http://www.lewrockwell.com/rockwell/bush-melting.html
      : comments:
      : 2. Let's regain our freedom by restoring the Bill of
      : ----------
      : from Reason to Freedom
      : by Truman West
      : "As you can tell, the wording of BofR is plain language.
      Everyone can
      : understand it, including Supreme Court judges. It
      enshrines the
      : nonaggression principle as the central part of our
      heritage. The
      : amendments were also part of the constitutions of most of
      the state
      : legislatures of the day; more recently the BofR has come
      to be
      : federalized, that is applicable to state as well as
      : jurisdictions. We intend to hold all public officials to
      the letter
      : of American fundamental law." (07/01/05)
      : http://www.reasontofreedom.com/Bill_of_Rights.html
      : comments:
      : 3. Libertarians do it voluntarily!
      : ----------
      : Liberty For All
      : by Darian Worden
      : "Libertarians are often asked questions like 'If you
      actually do like
      : X or Y, then why do ya get all cranky when Joe State says
      that you
      : gotta do it?' It sometimes seems that we can never give an
      : that will satisfy such a questioner. No matter what we
      say, we often
      : get responses along the lines of 'No, I don't mind being
      forced to
      : show my papers to the friendly Gestapo guy -- in fact I
      wish I could
      : do it all the time,' or 'I know you greedy bastards just
      don't want
      : to pay your share.' And let's not forget the obligatory
      : stupid. Put down the bong and come back to reality.' Sure,
      : probably use friendlier language, but that's basically
      what they are
      : saying. Maybe we need to approach the issue differently
      : But how?" (07/01/05)
      : http://www.libertyforall.net/2005/july8/Voluntarily.html
      : comments:
      : 4. Some tricky ideas to watch out for
      : ----------
      : Free Market News Network
      : by Tibor R. Machan
      : "Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) was a very influential
      social and
      : political philosopher who argued that although human
      nature is benign
      : and good, society has corrupted us all and now we are
      pretty nasty
      : and also 'everywhere in chains.' He also defended the
      dubious idea of
      : 'the general will,' some superhuman source of obligation
      we must all
      : obey, out of which grew all kinds of harmful collectivist
      ideas that
      : are used by some folks to rationalize the violation of
      : rights. Rousseau's notion of the innocent and good savage,
      : by society, is actually a great confusion. If we are all
      so nice and
      : gentle to begin with, how come society turned out to be so
      nasty and
      : mean? What is society, anyway, other than large assemblies
      of human
      : beings; so if society is making us all nasty, it is, of
      : people who are making us nasty." (06/30/05)
      : comments:
      : 5. That other war
      : ----------
      : Kn@ppster
      : by Thomas L. Knapp
      : "The newspapers talk about a 'resurgent rebellion,' but
      that doesn't
      : seem to be what's going on. The Taliban continues to take
      : swats at those who've allied themselves with Washington's
      : government -- kidnapping an aid worker here, assassinating
      : official there, overrunning a district capital over
      yonder, what have
      : you ... but it's not a rebellion. It's business as usual,
      with the
      : Taliban a bit annoyed -- but not overly incovenienced --
      by the fact
      : that former US petroleum industry consultant Mohammed
      Karzai is
      : sitting in what they consider their chair. ... it's a
      waiting game,
      : with attendant effusion of blood. Three guesses which side
      : probably wait longer." (06/30/05)
      : http://knappster.blogspot.com/2005/06/that-other-war.html
      : comments:
      : 6. How to end the war: Negotiations now!
      : ----------
      : AntiWar.Com
      : by Justin Raimondo
      : "More Vietnam deja vu: the U.S. public is moving rapidly
      toward its
      : own Tet moment, regardless of whether the insurgents pull
      off a major
      : offensive on the ground in Iraq. Polls show 60 percent
      want us to
      : start withdrawing troops, and, even more significantly --
      : ominously for the Party of Bush -- the majority now
      believe the
      : administration deliberately misled the American people in
      order to
      : goad us into supporting the invasion of Iraq. People don't
      like being
      : lied to, and they don't like liars: if the GOP is going to
      : being punished at the polls, they're going to have to come
      up with
      : some kind of viable exit plan before the situation goes
      into total
      : meltdown. In the wake of Bush's 'stay the course' speech,
      : things look grim all 'round: the president isn't
      budging -- he isn't
      : even acknowledging the dire straits he's in. Congressional
      : Republicans, however, have no choice but to face reality,
      at least in
      : this particular instance: after all, another election is
      coming up,
      : and they sense their vulnerability." (07/01/05)
      : http://www.antiwar.com/justin/?articleid=6506
      : comments:
      : 7. A real lockbox for Social Security
      : ----------
      : Cato Institute
      : by Michael D. Tanner
      : "Do you know where your Social Security taxes are? Some of
      them went
      : to pay for the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Museum in
      : Worth, Texas. The same monies helped the State Historical
      Society of
      : Iowa in Des Moines pay for the development of exhibits for
      the World
      : Food Prize. And we should all be happy that some of our
      : Security surplus funded a study of mariachi music for the
      : County (Nevada) School District. As we know by now, Social
      : is facing many problems that will require long-term,
      : reform. But before a doctor operates on a patient, the
      first step is
      : to stop the bleeding. And the first step toward Social
      : reform should be to stop Congress from spending Social
      Security money
      : on anything except workers' retirement." (07/01/05)
      : http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=3970
      : comments:
      : 8. A heap of precedents
      : ----------
      : Reason
      : by Julian Sanchez
      : "There's a famous philosophical puzzle, originally
      attributed to
      : Eubulides of Miletus, known as the sorites paradox or
      heaps problem.
      : It goes like this: Two or three grains of sand obviously
      : constitute a 'heap' of sand. And it seems absurd to
      suppose that
      : adding a single grain of sand could turn something that
      wasn't a heap
      : into a heap. But apply that logic repeatedly as you add
      one grain
      : after another, and you're pushed to the equally absurd
      : that 100,000 grains aren't a heap either. (Alternatively,
      you can run
      : the logic in the other direction and prove that three
      grains of sand
      : are a heap.) It's not a terribly deep puzzle, of course:
      It simply
      : illustrates that some of our everyday concepts, like that
      of a heap,
      : are vague or fuzzy, not susceptible to such precise
      definition. Try
      : to define such concepts in too much detail and absurdity
      : (06/30/05)
      : http://www.reason.com/hod/js063005.shtml
      : comments:
      : 9. Moral cowards in hiding
      : ----------
      : LewRockwell.Com
      : by Butler Shaffer
      : "Increasing numbers of Americans now realize that they had
      : themselves to be gulled. But so deep was their psychic
      investment in
      : Mr. Bush's necktie party, that most were unwilling to cut
      : losses, admit to egregious moral error on their part, and
      demand an
      : end to the continuation of the deadly fraud. Because the
      flag had
      : become an expression of war-mania, these people no longer
      : comfortable hiding behind it. What evolved from this foggy
      state of
      : moral confusion were the bumper-stickers with the words
      'peace is
      : patriotic' superimposed over a picture of the flag. One
      could thus
      : appear to be both a patriot -- even as the government
      continued its
      : butchery -- and an advocate of peace!" (07/01/05)
      : http://www.lewrockwell.com/shaffer/shaffer110.html
      : comments:
      : 10. Constitutional hypocrisy and the desecration amendment
      : ----------
      : The Price of Liberty
      : by Robert Greenslade
      : "A day after championing passage of the flag desecration
      amendment in
      : the House of Representatives as a victory for mom, apple
      pie, and the
      : American way, conservative radio talk show hosts took to
      the airwaves
      : and chastised the United States Supreme Court for its
      : upholding the power of cities to take private property for
      : development projects. This decision, according to many
      : hosts, is an assault on private property and the Fifth
      Amendment to
      : the Constitution for the United States. Apparently,
      conservative talk
      : show hosts have been blinded by the red, white and blue
      and cannot
      : distinguish one assault on private property from another.
      Since the
      : flag desecration amendment, at its core, is nothing but an
      assault on
      : private property under the guise of patriotism, their
      commentaries on
      : the relationship between private property and freedom went
      : historical fact to constitutional hypocrisy." (07/01/05)
      : http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/05/07/01/greenslade.htm
      : comments:
      : 11. Who's in the army now
      : ----------
      : Slate
      : by Fred Kaplan
      : "As we're often told, 1 million men and women serve in the
      U.S. Army.
      : So, why is it such a strain to keep a mere 150,000 in
      Iraq? What are
      : the other 850,000 doing? Why can't some of them be sent
      there, too?
      : And if they really can't be spared from their current
      tasks, what
      : broader inferences can be drawn about America's military
      : Should we bring back the draft to provide more boots on
      the ground --
      : or, alternatively, scale back our global ambitions so
      fewer boots
      : will be needed? First, let's look at those million
      soldiers. Who are
      : they? The Web site GlobalSecurity.org has a pie chart
      breaking them
      : down into categories. It turns out that fewer than 40
      percent of them
      : -- 391,460 -- are combat soldiers. And fewer than 40
      percent of those
      : combat soldiers -- 149,406 -- are members of the active
      armed forces.
      : (The rest are in the National Guard and Army Reserve.)"
      : http://www.slate.com/id/2121793/
      : comments:
      : 12. Terminating the economy
      : ----------
      : The American Spectator
      : by Doug Bandow
      : "'We're all Keynesians now,' declared President Richard M.
      Nixon when
      : he surrendered his fiscal policies to liberal orthodoxy.
      Gov. Arnold
      : Schwarzenegger did much the same with his recent executive
      : calling for draconian cuts in the emission of 'greenhouse
      : linked to global warming. 'The debate is over,' he
      claimed. The issue
      : of global warming, though presented as a matter of
      : certainty, is actually highly controverted. Although the
      : almost certainly is warming, how much of that is due to
      humanity --
      : which contributes only about .3 percent of total
      greenhouse gas
      : emissions -- remains in dispute." (07/01/05)
      : http://www.spectator.org/dsp_article.asp?art_id=8379
      : comments:
      : 13. Bush's big gambit
      : ----------
      : AlterNet
      : by Stephen Pizzo
      : "On Tuesday night, I poured myself a double scotch before
      : the President's speech. As it turned out, I needed it. ...
      I took
      : Bush's speech and compared it to the speeches of two
      : presidents, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. The speeches
      were, like
      : Tuesday's, given at times when Americans were increasingly
      : questioning the reasoning and logic behind the war in
      : (06/30/05)
      : http://www.alternet.org/story/23254/
      : comments:
      : 14. Unocal hysteria
      : ----------
      : National Review
      : by John Tamny
      : "People in certain quarters, those who believe in such
      things as
      : 'U.S. energy goals,' worry that the sale of Unocal will
      make us more
      : reliant on 'foreign' (Chinese oil). But there's a great
      deal of
      : history that proves this fear unfounded. In the 18th
      century a
      : similar concern arose in England over the country's
      ability to import
      : gold if excluded from trade with Portugal. Adam Smith
      showed the
      : folly of this kind of thinking in pointing out that 'Gold,
      like every
      : other commodity, is always somewhere or another to be got
      for its
      : value by those who have that value to give for it.' Even
      if Portugal
      : had cut off trade with England altogether, its gold would
      still have
      : been 'sent abroad, and though not carried away by Great
      : would be carried away by some other nation, which would be
      glad to
      : sell it again for its price.' Future events proved the
      wisdom of
      : Smith's words." (06/30/05)
      : comments:
      : 15. Freedom starts at the cookie jar
      : ----------
      : Mother Jones
      : by Bill Santiago
      : "A sometimes food? But you are the Cookie Monster. What,
      are you
      : watching your waist now? You don't even have a waist. You
      just slope
      : down to a furry blue hemline, as far as I can tell. Ever
      since my
      : childhood, I have related to that primal scream, 'Cookie!'
      To this
      : day I still confuse raison d'etre with oatmeal raisin. So
      : don't futz with one of my fondest childhood archetypes to
      : some misguided food-pyramid revisionism. Kids know better
      than to
      : trust a monster that counts calories." (06/30/05)
      : comments:
      : 16. Look it up
      : ----------
      : The American Prospect
      : by Charles P. Pierce
      : "Still more baffling moments from life in these United
      States, as
      : Reader's Digest likes to say. Ralph Reed's connection to
      the Gospels,
      : to name one. You may remember Reed -- the tiny-domed,
      : replicant-looking fellow who used to front for the
      : Coalition. ... Anyway, it seems that just as Ralph's
      campaign for
      : lieutenant governor of Georgia was beginning to roll ...
      he got
      : himself caught up in all this sticky business regarding
      : gambling money. ... Reed now may well turn out to be the
      : Georgia pol to get run out due to Indian trouble since the
      Creek War
      : of 1836. ... On the subject of keeping really thick books
      out of the
      : wrong hands, just as it's clear that Ralph and the Bible
      seem to have
      : roughly the same relationship to each other as a short
      person has to
      : a footstool, it's pretty obvious that we'd better keep
      : Rumsfeld away from dictionaries." (06/30/05)
      : http://www.prospect.org/web/view-web.ww?id=9926
      : comments:
      : 17. The supremacy of the super-citizen
      : ----------
      : TruthOut
      : by William Rivers Pitt
      : "We are not all created equal, in fact. This inequality is
      not based
      : on race, or sex, or religion, but upon the slow
      development of a body
      : of laws that have created and empowered a breed of
      : which rule over every aspect of our lives, almost
      completely beyond
      : the reach of justice. These super-citizens exist today
      under the
      : familiar name 'corporation.' ... After the revolution, and
      for a
      : hundred years, the American people bore a deep distrust of
      : corporation, and corporations were regulated severely.
      : charters were created by individual states, and those
      states had the
      : power to revoke that charter if the corporation was deemed
      to be
      : acting against the public good or had deviated from its
      : Corporations were not allowed to own other corporations,
      nor were
      : they allowed to participate in the political process. Very
      : over that 100 years, however, the power of the corporation
      began to
      : grow. ... In the end, the existence of incredibly powerful
      : that enjoy the status of citizens demote the vast majority
      of average
      : citizens to second-class status." (06/30/05)
      : http://www.truthout.org/docs_2005/063005X.shtml
      : comments:
      : 18. The OxyContin "epidemic"
      : ----------
      : Boston Globe
      : by Steven A. Tolman
      : "In 1996, Purdue Pharma introduced OxyContin, containing
      : and twice as potent as morphine, ... [in] a pill to be
      : absorbed over a period of 12 hours when taken correctly.
      .. By 2001,
      : OxyContin had become the most frequently prescribed
      : narcotic for treating moderate-to-severe chronic pain. At
      the same
      : time, abuse of OxyContin also soared. People began chewing
      pills or
      : crushing and snorting them, destroying the
      : mechanism and achieving a quick and profoundly addictive
      : [editor's note: He then warns of a new Purdue drug,
      Palladone, also
      : morphine based but with twice the time-release duration,
      : that, 'It appears Purdue Pharma is prepared to unleash yet
      : epidemic.' Yet a similar substance (Kadian -- 24-hour
      release and
      : morphine-based) has been available since FDA approval
      (07/96) -- with
      : the same caveats and properties, except for being in
      : instead of an easily crushable tablet! - SAT] (06/30/05)
      : http://tinyurl.com/bdemo
      : comments:
      : 19. Eminent development
      : ----------
      : Working for Change
      : by Molly Ivins
      : "As one who cares a whale of a lot more about personal
      rights than
      : property rights, let me leap right into the fray over a
      Supreme Court
      : decision on the side of the property rights advocates,
      many of whom I
      : normally consider nutballs. But at least they're more in
      touch with
      : reality than a majority of the Supreme Court. ... People
      have the
      : most remarkable ability to convince themselves that what
      they are
      : doing is for the greater good if they are also making a
      great deal of
      : money out of it. Or, as Upton Sinclair put it, 'It is
      difficult to
      : get a man to understand something when his salary depends
      upon his
      : not understanding it.'" [Editor's note: She doesn't grasp
      : 'personal rights' ARE 'property rights,' of course, but
      other than
      : that, this is dead on - MLS](06/30/05)
      : http://www.workingforchange.com/article.cfm?itemid=19287
      : comments:
      : 20. This is the first day of the rest of your death
      : ----------
      : TruthOut
      : by Norman Solomon
      : "On the propaganda front, it's been another tough week for
      : Washington's war makers. But for them, where there's hope
      : death. ... It's too soon to know whether the Bush
      : new PR offensive will do anything for you in terms of
      public opinion.
      : But rest assured that the US military effort in Iraq won't
      : curtailed anytime soon. Despite the downward trend of
      public backing
      : for the war -- and in spite of the mass media's inadequate
      : significant widening of debate in recent weeks -- a
      combination of
      : factors is in place to sustain your deadly momentum."
      : http://www.truthout.org/docs_2005/063005M.shtml
      : comments:
      : 21. What was Bush thinking?
      : ----------
      : CounterPunch
      : by Dave Lindorff
      : "With President Bush, it's a bit like those old Clairol
      ads. You find
      : yourself asking, 'Does he or doesn't he?' But instead of
      using hair
      : coloring, you're wondering if he thinks before he opens
      his pretzel
      : trap. ... Of course there were many domestic reasons for
      people to
      : vote for Ahmadinejad, who among other things promised both
      a better
      : economy than the reformist current president Mohammed
      Khatami had
      : delivered, and a restoration of Iran's greatness. But
      certainly no
      : small number of Iranian voters were brought out and
      encouraged to
      : vote for Ahmadinejad by anger at Bush for his interference
      in their
      : election and for his sleight of their country. On its
      face, this was
      : a truly stupid move by Bush. But I wonder. Was he being
      stupid like a
      : fox?" (06/30/05)
      : http://www.counterpunch.org/lindorff06302005.html
      : comments:
      : 22. Federal funding for mental health screening of kids
      : ----------
      : Texas Straight Talk
      : by Ron Paul
      : "On Friday Congress defeated an amendment I introduced
      that would
      : have prevented the federal government from moving forward
      with an
      : Orwellian program to mandate mental health screening of
      kids in
      : schools. This program, recommended by a presidential
      commission, has
      : not yet been established at the federal level. However,
      your tax
      : dollars are being given to states that apply for grants to
      : their own programs -- and a full-fledged program run by
      : Department of Health and Human Services is on the way. ...
      : psychiatric establishment and the pharmaceutical industry
      of course
      : support government mental health screening programs in
      : because they both stand to benefit from millions of new
      : (06/27/05)
      : http://www.house.gov/paul/tst/tst2005/tst062705.htm
      : comments:
      : 23. The nation weeps as Bush lies
      : ----------
      : Op Ed Comments
      : by Anthony Wade
      : "George W. Bush knows no shame. Having presided over the
      deaths of
      : 1,700-7,000 American kids, for lies he propagated,
      President Bush
      : used tonight's message to extend his lies, and launch new,
      : mistruths. George Bush proved one thing tonight. He cares
      not what
      : the American people think, and he further thinks they are
      too stupid
      : to realize when they are being repeatedly lied to. The
      : lies are in bold, followed by the truth." [a detailed
      : review of each of the flood of lies Bush told] (06/28/05)
      : http://www.opednews.com/wade_062905_bush_lies.htm
      : comments:
      : 24. My nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize
      : ----------
      : Strike the Root
      : by Doug Herman
      : "My other nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize is an
      unknown guy,
      : wholly intent on taking down Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz,
      Rumsfeld and
      : the Nefarious Neocons, or at least mocking these power-mad
      : pretenders. A self-effacing guy with a wicked sense of
      humor and
      : thirst for the truth, The Freeway Blogger kicks ass,
      : thousands of pompous pricks (mostly the mainstream media),
      : enlightening and amusing many millions more. He skewers
      the frauds
      : who wield supreme power in America, and does it from the
      : soapbox of all -- the Los Angeles and Orange County
      freeway system.
      : Anyone who drives a car and possesses an open mind and a
      pair of eyes
      : is forced to reflect on the unknown Freeway Blogger's
      comments. And
      : like a true patriot -- Tom Paine of the Overpass? Paul
      Revere of the
      : Interstate? -- he's enlisted a legion of loyal emulators
      : Isn't that the best measure of a Nobel Prize nominee?"
      : note: Yessss! Simon Jester lives! - MLS](06/30/05)
      : http://www.strike-the-root.com/51/herman/herman17.html
      : comments:
      : 25. Fr. Coughlin and friends
      : ----------
      : Ludwig von Mises Institute
      : by Thomas Woods
      : "More crank theories have been advanced about money and
      banking than
      : about any other economic topic. While it is not difficult
      to find
      : people who oppose the Federal Reserve System, all too many
      : opponents would replace it with something at least as bad.
      : Catholic thinkers have not been notably worse than their
      : counterparts on the subject of money, my background and
      : lead me to concentrate here." (06/29/05)
      : http://www.mises.org/story/1860
      : comments:
      : 26. Who cares about the income gap?
      : ----------
      : Future of Freedom Foundation
      : by Sheldon Richman
      : "I didn't wake up this morning wondering whether I had
      shrunk the
      : income gap between me and Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. I
      have never
      : wondered about that. But that's me. If I am to believe the
      New York
      : Times and other major newspapers, lots of people are
      obsessed with
      : the difference between their incomes and the incomes of
      : people. Then again, maybe most people are more like me and
      don't give
      : a darn. So why are those newspaper editors and reporters
      : with the matter?" (06/29/05)
      : http://www.fff.org/comment/com0506i.asp
      : comments:
      : 27. Voucher: Solution or flawed compromise?
      : ----------
      : Foundation for Economic Education
      : by Robert Parker
      : "American public schools can be described in only one way:
      : unmitigated failure. The government has created an
      educational system
      : free of the checks and balances that normally guide
      success and
      : encourage innovation in the marketplace, namely, profit
      and loss in a
      : setting of open competition. Instead, government schools
      : teachers through life-long tenure, virtually eliminating
      : accountability about what and how subjects are taught in
      : classroom. Furthermore, there are few incentives for
      : because this could result in budget reductions. Instead,
      : there seems to be a 'learning problem,' the cry is for
      more of the
      : taxpayers' money." (06/30/05)
      : http://www.fee.org/vnews.php?nid=7008
      : comments:
      : 28. The UN's silent scandal
      : ----------
      : Competitive Enterprise Institute
      : by Gregory Conko and Henry I. Miller
      : "The United Nations is being accused of all manner of
      criminality and
      : corruption these days, ranging from sexual assaults by
      : in Congo to self-dealing in the Iraq oil-for-food program.
      But an
      : even greater scandal at the UN is receiving less
      publicity: For
      : years, the agency has systematically promoted policies
      that block the
      : use of safe, effective new technologies that could help
      solve some of
      : the world's most pressing public health and environmental
      : (06/29/05)
      : http://www.cei.org/gencon/019,04643.cfm
      : comments:
      : 29. Real Republicans don't raise taxes
      : ----------
      : FreedomWorks
      : by John Andrews
      : "'Real Republicans don't raise taxes' -- that was Dick
      : message in rallying the GOP voter base to turn back tax
      hikes on the
      : ballot in Alabama, Oregon, and Washington State over the
      last couple
      : of years, according to a member of his staff. The former
      : Majority Leader didn't say those very words during his
      June 28 visit
      : to warn Coloradans against the $3.6 billion tax increase
      known as
      : Referendum C -- but it was clearly the point again when he
      met with
      : Republican legislators that day over box lunches at the
      : Capitol." (06/30/05)
      : http://tinyurl.com/9lcaw
      : comments:
      : 30. How Grandpa helped build the nuclear bomb
      : ----------
      : Liberty For All
      : by Joey B. King
      : "My grandfather fell into an age group of Americans who
      were too
      : young for World War I, but too old for World War II.
      During the Great
      : Depression, he mostly drove trucks for a living, and
      worked on two
      : dams that are now part of the Tennessee Valley Authority's
      : hydroelectricity program. These projects brought cheap
      electricity to
      : the rural south and provided jobs. About 1942, a man from
      : government contracting company called Stone and Webster
      : approached him about driving a bus." (07/01/05)
      : http://www.libertyforall.net/2005/july8/Bomb.html
      : comments:
      : ----------------------------------------------------------
      : Freedom Movement News
      : ----------------------------------------------------------
      : 1. ISIL 2005 World Conference
      : ----------
      : International Society for Individual Liberty
      : 07/15/05-07/20/05
      : The 2005 conference of the International Society for
      : Liberty will be held at the facilities of the Friedrich
      : Stiftung Foundation in the countryside outside Cologne,
      : Confirmed speakers include Barbara Branden, Hardy
      Bouillon, Samuel
      : Brittan, Jan Narveson, Martin Wolf, Sabine Herold, Erich
      Weede, Jim
      : Peron, Robert Nef, Jacques de Guenin, Julian Morris and
      : Romanchuk. Addendum, June 13th: If you want to attend the
      : it's time to make your move -- it's filling up fast!
      : http://www.worldfreedomsummit.org/
      : comments:
      : 2. Take Action: Flag Desecration Amendment Crisis
      : ----------
      : ACLU Action Center
      : ongoing
      : "For more than a decade, numerous members of Congress have
      tried to
      : amend the U.S. Constitution to give the government the
      power to
      : prohibit the physical desecration of the American flag. We
      : fought back hard with coalitions of veterans, religious
      leaders and
      : other Americans who believe that such a constitutional
      : would undermine the very principles for which the American
      : stands. ... House approval of the 'Flag Desecration
      Amendment' by an
      : eight-vote margin is a loss for freedom and an unwarranted
      assault on
      : the First Amendment. As the measure heads for the Senate,
      act now to
      : preserve the freedoms for which the flag stands."
      : http://tinyurl.com/7te2x
      : comments:
      : 3. TCF Combat Rifle Postal Match
      : ----------
      : The Claire Files
      : 07/02/05-07/04/05
      : "The first TCF Combat Rifle Postal Match will be taking
      place over
      : Independence Day weekend! For those of you not familiar
      with postal
      : matches, the idea is that a bunch of people all shoot the
      same course
      : of fire and then mail their targets to a single person for
      : It allows us to hold a rifle match without needing to get
      : together at the same shooting range. For the
      privacy-minded, you may
      : scan your targets and email them in rather than using a
      mail carrier.
      : Everyone with a military-style rifle is encouraged to
      : regardless of skill level. The match will consist of a
      total of 50
      : rounds fired for score at a distance of 100 yards. Targets
      must be
      : received by July 15th to be eligible for scoring. The
      winner of the
      : match will receive a notation of 'Rifle Champion' in their
      : group. The notation will remain in place until such time
      as a
      : different shooter wins a subsequent TCF Combat Rifle
      Postal Match."
      : [Editor's note: This sounds like fun!-MLS]
      : http://www.clairewolfe.com/wolfesblog/00001467.html
      : comments:
      : 4. Oppose FBI Spying on Free Speech Activities
      : ----------
      : ACLU Action Center
      : ongoing
      : "The FBI has expanded its ability to conduct surveillance
      : individuals and groups by forming Joint Terrorism Task
      Forces (JTTFs)
      : with the help of local police departments. These task
      forces give
      : local law enforcement officers access to federal law
      : files and uses them to conduct surveillance. Despite their
      : creation, these task forces already have a track record
      : intimidating innocent individuals and spying on free
      speech protected
      : activities. For example, in the months preceding the 2004
      : and Democratic Conventions, JTTF agents in the Midwest
      monitored the
      : daily activities of various anti-war and political
      activists they
      : believed were planning to attend counter-demonstrations,
      and made
      : 'visits' to their homes as well as their friends and
      family members.
      : Urge your Members of Congress to Oppose FBI Spying on
      Religious and
      : Political Activity!"
      : http://tinyurl.com/7ffsj
      : comments:
      : 5. "Lost Liberty Hotel" rental pledge
      : ----------
      : Pledge Bank
      : thru 08/29/05
      : "By signing this pledge, you agree to pay for lodging in
      the 'Lost
      : Liberty Hotel,' once it is built at 34 Cilley Hill Road,
      Weare, NH.
      : It is expected that during one's week of residency in the
      hotel in
      : Weare, lodgers will contribute significantly to the local
      economy --
      : not just staying in the hotel, but shopping, buying gas,
      eating at
      : local restaurants, etc. This pledge is important, as it
      will help to
      : demonstrate (a) the large public demand for lodging in a
      hotel built
      : on what is currently Justice Souter's property (b) the
      large economic
      : benefit to the citizens of Weare that will occur once the
      hotel is
      : built. Deadline: 29th August 2005." [Editor's note: Sign
      up, read the
      : comments, make your own comments ... this is guerilla
      theater at its
      : finest ... those of you who are hesitant to "use state
      power against
      : the state," add that to your comments - MLS] (06/29/05)
      : http://www.pledgebank.com/LostLibHotel
      : comments:
      : 6. Summer of Truth
      : ----------
      : Freeway Bloggers
      : ongoing
      : "The time has come ... to speak out against the Lies and
      : and let 25,000 of your closest friends know just how you
      feel about
      : this war and the lying sons of bitches who dragged us into
      : Starting July 5th, freewaybloggers across the nation will
      : placing signs on the freeways voicing their opposition to
      the war.
      : These signs will continue going up through July and August
      and on
      : until impeachment hearings begin in September. ... A
      single sign put
      : near a freeway can be seen by tens of thousands of
      motorists -- even
      : more if you're clever about it -- and can be made in ten
      minutes at a
      : cost of about five cents. Sign painting parties will be
      held across
      : the country over the July 4th weekend with posting to
      begin on the
      : 5th." [Editor's note: Freeway Bloggers rock! One of my
      : favorites ... and just nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize -
      : MLS](07/01/05)
      : http://www.freewayblogger.com/summeroftruth.htm
      : comments:
      : 7. Porc Fest 2005
      : ----------
      : Free State Project
      : 07/23/05-07/31/05
      : Roger's Campground, Lancaster, New Hampshire.
      : Speakers/presenters/guides include Michael Badnarik, Dr.
      : Edelstein, Don Gorman, Evan Nappen, Dr. Jason Sorens,
      : Phillips, Ed Naile.
      : http://www.freestateproject.org/news/festival/
      : comments:
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