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  • axiomist
    1. What pro-liberty individuals (authors,speakers,ect) do you believe best introduce the message of liberty to Americans today? -I found Harry
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2001
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      1. What pro-liberty 'individuals'
      (authors,speakers,ect) do you believe best introduce the message of
      'liberty' to Americans today?<br><br>-I found Harry Brownes
      campaign literature to be the most useful. His writings
      seemed a bit more personal to the reader than any others
      I've read.<br><br>2. What pro-liberty 'organizations'
      do you feel best introduce the message of
      liberty?<br><br>-The Lp.<br><br>3. When you introduce someone to
      libertarian ideals, what arguements/articles seem to work
      best for<br>-conservatives? (not many of those in my
      town, we see repubs as harsh
      music-haters)<br>-centrists? (I say the Lp wants to end the Federal income
      Tax, quit forcing your employer to withhold for S.S.,
      and by that you will not have to work as much for
      sufficient income.)<br>-liberals? (We're trying to legalize
      drugs, thus creating a friendlier P.D. And by our
      politics a hospital stay would be relatively
      cheap.)<br>-all of the above? (As for now I've only introduced it
      to co-workers, family, and friends. I try to target
      info to the individual)<br><br>* any links
      appreciated<br><br>4. If you could put in one short paragraph, the best
      introduction to libertarian ideals, in your own words, what
      would that be?<br><br>The Lp is not trying to overthrow
      the country. The Lp is the only political party
      dedicated to preventing the Government from overthrowing
      the power of the People. We want you to be able to
      make decisions for yourself; we want you to prosper
      and keep 100% of your money. You can do this, and we
      need you. The republicans and democrats are strong;
      but so are you and your vote. Stop wishing and
      dreaming this were a free country. Achieve it with the
      Libertarian Party.
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