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  • axiomist
    What ever happened to Bush s Social Security plan? Given it wasn t as great as the LP s, many people voted for it, not me, but... And what s he done so
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2001
      What ever happened to Bush's Social Security
      plan? Given it wasn't as great as the LP's, many people
      voted for it, not me, but... And what's he done so
      far?<br>-a Voucher program that seemed to be important early
      in the process, but so far no news of
      progress.<br>-steam cleaned the white house. Can't blame
      him.<br>-Wooed the oil companies. Let's see what he thinks of
      the soft money policy.<br>-Air strikes against Iraq.
      But where did his loyalties lie? Sr.? U.S.? Oil?
      P.R.?<br>-Some indescript Faith-based policy. Who knows the
      logic behind that?<br><br>Its only begun. I'm pretty
      sure Republicans everywhere are silently grunting
      while the Democrats inflate approval ratings. After all
      creating a bigger government is what they would have done
      as well.
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