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Secessionists 4 Badnarik/Campagna - Need Libs4Peace Congress Candidate News

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  • Carol Moore in dc
    SECESSIONISTS 4 BADNARIK Below the next item is an excerpt from an excellent article that explains just one more clear reason why Bush must be defeated -- he
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2004
      Below the next item is an excerpt from an excellent article that
      explains just one more clear reason why Bush must be defeated -- he
      appointed known Israeli spies to high office. If Kerry wins, don't
      expect HIM to get all the spies out of the government. So vote for the
      only candidate who will end aid to ALL Middle East nations, kick all the
      spies out of the Pentagon and **most importantly** NOT stop us from
      seceding for the Union. Yes, this IS an endorsement! VOTE
      BADNARIK-CAMPAGNA! I just sent them $17.76 to help put them over the
      $1,000,000 mark.
      Carol Moore in dc
      Also see Badnarik's endorsement of the 9/11 Truth Statement
      Libs4Peace is soon moving to its own server so now instead of the URL
      always reading just Libertarians4peace.net it can read:
      or http://libertarians4peace.net/articles/ or
      http://libertarians4peace.net/palestinianrights/ or

      We need Postive news on the "NEWS 2004" page, esp re pro-peace
      libertarian congressional candidates. Send a short story -- 100 words or
      so -- and a link to: info@...

      The FBI's unsung battle with the Israel-firsters.
      By Philip Giraldi The American Conservative
      Oct 11 issue, 2004
      Four of the principal neocons have in the past been accused of
      illegally providing classified information to Israel, though none
      was ever prosecuted and the charges have not hurt their careers.
      In 1970, the FBI recorded Richard Perle discussing classified
      information with an Israeli Embassy official. Stephen Bryen, then
      a Senate Foreign Relations Committee staffer and later Perle's
      deputy at DOD, narrowly avoided indictment in 1979 after he was
      overheard offering classified documents to an Israeli Embassy
      official. Doug Feith. who in a position paper prepared for Likud
      Prime Minister BeWamin Netanyahu called for "a clean break from
      the peace process," was fired in 1982 from the National Security
      Council on suspicion of passing confidential documents to the
      Israeli Embassy-only to be immediately re-hired by Perle at the
      Pentagon. Paul Wolfowitz, the Jerusalem Post's Man of the Year for
      2002, was investigated in 1978 over charges that he had provided a
      classified document to the Israeli Embassy by way of AIPAC.....

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