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  • I thought this was going to be about drinking or not have GPS. lol
    mayo3013@... Nov 5
  • Rick now you can make end mills. I would love some day to and a 4th. Good job on this one. Mark
    mayo3013@... Oct 8
  • I am planning on being there. Thanks for the invite and flyer. Mark
    mayo3013@... Sep 15
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  • sorry rick that should have been on the new article post not this one (the one with the gibs fix)
    mayo3013@... Aug 31
  • Rick nice fix. I have a tapered gib with a set up like that only the gib dog legs and has a hole for the bolt to pass through. Mark
    mayo3013@... Aug 31
  • Forgot to mention there are a couple of photos in the photos section here in Mark's jet 15 album that show what I am talking about. Mark
    mayo3013@... Aug 22
  • Snag yes I get pull the rod but you would have just set the machine down and would not have access without tipping the mill up on one side. I thought you had lifted one and had a way of doing it that I was not seeing. Not trying to ruffle feathers Mark
    mayo3013@... Aug 22
  • Well I rig for a living. (Ironworker) First off keep the sling as short as you can. This helps stop swing. Next thing is if you can avoid moving the crane while the load is hanging do so. Even if this means setting up blocking on the legs of the crane lowering the load on that and then moving the crane into place. If you have to move the crane while loaded sweep the floor real good...
    mayo3013@... Aug 22
  • Snag then how would you remove the sling once it is mounted?
    mayo3013@... Aug 22
  • I either use dunnage Across the legs or I lower things onto a cart. Only if I have to move with the load on the boom will I, and then it is with extra caution. Like a strap from the column to the load to reduce swing. Mark
    mayo3013@... Aug 7