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  • Ned Seith
    Greetings, For smooth flat finishes on Asian machines, I have had good results with 2 1/2 and 3 diameter shell mills sold by Enco. For removing light
    Message 1 of 11 , Mar 31, 2004

      For smooth flat finishes on Asian machines, I have had good results
      with 2 1/2" and 3" diameter shell mills sold by Enco.

      For removing light machining marks, I use 3" and 4" diameter 3M
      Roloc scotchbrite disks.

      At 1,500 RPM, a red Roloc disk followed by a blue Roloc disk will
      give beautiful results with kerosene and aluminum/brass or cutting
      oil and steels.


      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "Phil Teague" <philteague@y...>
      > On the subject of surface finish I was curious about how good of
      > surface finish I could get with my HF $799 mill/drill (33686
      model). I
      > have included some links to photos I took of my efforts.
      > Unfortunately, it is difficult for me to capture the surface finish
      > the way I would like.
      > In the first photo I am using a 5/8" roughing end mill to make an
      > initial cut that is 3/8" deep and 1/4" wide in a piece of 1018
      CRS. I
      > am turning at 400 rpm using power feed (although I did not measure
      > speed of the feed). I used some Klearcut lard/mineral oil applied
      > a brush.
      > The end mill I am using is the most expensive end mill I own
      > the indexable one I use later). It cost $8.99 from Enco. Everyone
      > should have one. It really cuts well. You will notice that there
      > are faint marks on the vertical cut face resulting from the end
      > The surface is actually pretty smooth.
      > The second photo is not as clear, but is after taking a cut using a
      > 5/8" M2AL plain end mill ($3.00 from JTS). I took off .010" on the
      > vertical and horizontal faces also using the Klearcut oil.
      > This smoothed out the vertical face but there are faint ripples on
      > vertical face you can see if you hold it up to the light. It is,
      > however, smooth to the touch.
      > So, I made one last climb mill cut taking off about .004" on the
      > vertical face only. This was using the same end mill still using
      > rpm as the speed.
      > The made most of the ripple effect of the last cut go away. You can
      > still see a very faint ripple effect if you hold it to the light.
      > photos do not convey this very well.
      > So, I decided to use the 1 3/8" indexable end mill to see if I
      > improve any at all on the above cut. The end mill uses two TPG
      > tungsten carbide coated inserts (~$12 from JTS I mention the price
      > the tools so you can see that I don't have anything exotic in the
      > of cutting tools).
      > This was done taking off about .005" on the vertical face and about
      > the same on the horizontal face using climb milling. I have not
      > using this end mill to do side milling. It actually seemed to work
      > It made some slight bit of difference in the finish of the vertical
      > face. The horizontal face has a cross hatch pattern but is smooth.
      > The final two photos are not real sharp show sort of what the
      > is like after using the indexable end mill.
      > http://img43.photobucket.com/albums/v132/philteague/Final_cut1.jpg
      > http://img43.photobucket.com/albums/v132/philteague/Final_cut2.jpg
      > I wish I had a Bridgeport or even another mill/drill to compare
      > results with. I have found that I can generally get satisfactory
      > results with my mill, although I am sure it could be improved upon.
      > Phil Teague
      > --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "billbryden" <billbryden@y...>
      > >
      > > I know what you mean about the mill pattern in the work. I've
      > > replaced belts with some modest improvement. Folks on the
      > > lathe groups have noted a large influence of motor vibration
      > > up as surface patterns in the work with those machines. When
      > > mounted the motor on isolation pads, they got a significant
      > > improvement in surface finish. I've been thinking of getting
      > > Lord mounts and putting these between the motor and the mounting
      > > it bolts to. Has anyone attempted something like this and noted
      > > benefit with a mill-drill? Thanks.
      > > Bill
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