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Re: Re RF25 and RF25M

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  • leasingham_connelly
    ... however there ... difference I can ... details ... Too many slots on a small table can cause problems of no support under some jobs or weaker table when
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      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, NIGELBALL@a... wrote:
      > Hi all
      > I've been looking for a drill/mill and think i've found one,
      however there
      > appears to be several versions with different prices. The only
      difference I can
      > see is the weight and the number of slots on the table all other
      > appear to be the same.
      > RF25 Axminster 200Kg 4 slots £815
      > RF25M Axminster 220KG 3 slots £585
      > Eagle 25 Chester 200Kg 4 slots £699
      > BDM-25/63 Engineers tools room 3 slots £759
      > Does anybody have any other information that would help.
      > Regards
      > Nigel
      > Leicester England

      Too many slots on a small table can cause problems of no support
      under some jobs or weaker table when hard clamping is employed. Some
      of these machines may only be supplied in MT spindles, do you have a
      preference or existing tooling? If not how much will it cost to equip
      the mill with tooling, MT or R8 may become important whether you buy
      new or used? Do you want inch or millimetre scales on the controls?
      Are you planning on adding DROs? In my opinion millimetre scales
      using a 2.5mm pitch leadscrew are hopeless. If you start at zero and
      move 3mm you end up with the scale reading 0.5mm, it's very confusing
      even with practice. Adding DRO makes it easy to use either measument
      system and avoids forgetting which way to move to avoid backlash
      errors but can cost a good proportion of the total cost of setting up
      a mill. It may make you go for the cheapest allowing you to use your
      saved money for other necessities.

      Warco and Machine Mart have similar machines and they regularly come
      up on Ebay (UK).

      I got my mill, RF30 rebadged Nu-Tool, and some tooling thru' Ebay.
      Buying used saved £500 which I used to add a DRO on 3 axes and power
      feed (well the £500 contributed but didn't cover the full cost).
      Buying used I also got some tooling included in the sale, 6" vice, 2
      sets of holding down/clamping bolts etc. a number of milling cutters
      and spanners. Picked it up from just south of Peterborough in a
      rented tail-lift transit van. Round trip of about 110m mostly on the
      A15. Cost of van about £75. I was after an R8 machine as I got a full
      set of new R8 collets 1mm-20mm plus MT adaptor plus inch sizes plus
      3" insert face cutter for free from work when they cleared out the no
      longer used training shop.

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