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Re: TopTech DM-45 finally arrived...

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  • j_t_wright
    If ya get a chance, what is the minimum spindle nose to table distance? :-) ... included
    Message 1 of 36 , Oct 31, 2003
      If ya get a chance, what is the minimum spindle nose
      to table distance? :-)

      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "ksilinux" <ksi@k...> wrote:
      > My DM-45 from Penn Tools finally arrived. Took me 2 hours to get it
      > outta the crate and onto it's stand. Tools used -- Shop Crane from
      > Harbor Freight, 1 each and my 15-year old son, 1 each :))
      > First impressions are rather positive. Well packed, heavily covered
      > with that chinese grease (glue?). Its not yellow as on Penn Tools
      > site, its light gray with a blue motor. Stand is also blue.
      > Motor is 1-1/2 HP, not 1 HP as its on the specs. No face mill
      > :(( Two arbors, drill chuck and drawbar only. Stand is quite good,
      > welded, very sturdy, at least 100 lbs.
      > Haven't tried to turn it on yet, but tried to operate the wheels. In
      > short:
      > - Distance from spindle center to column surface: 11-1/2"
      > - X-travel with stops as they were: 21"
      > - Y-travel: 8-3/4" (one may get full 9" if he doesn't mind
      > squeezing travel guards to the limit)
      > - Z-travel: 4-3/4"
      > And those guys from Penn Tools are really pleasure to work with and
      > they do give a hefty discounts, just talk to them...
      > So tomorrow comes degreasing, draining chinese oil from the gearbox
      > and refilling with local gear oil, attaching power feed and making
      > some milling :))
    • srcastle84
      Good point. ... consider ... As you ... get people to ... hoist. It
      Message 36 of 36 , Nov 6, 2003
        Good point.

        --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, rgsparber@a... wrote:
        > If you plan to lift the mill/drill off the bed of the pickup truck,
        > the fact that the weight of the machine will compress the springs.
        As you
        > lift, the bed will rise. I had this problem and ended up having to
        get people to
        > stand in the bed because I ran out of vertical travel on the engine
        hoist. It
        > was more funny than a problem.
        > Rick
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