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RE: [mill_drill] Tuning a Gearhead Mill-Drill

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  • Derek B.
    Congratulations Chris, I have this exact same one. You can get an immediate relief of the X and Y axis s with the table nut. You can take out at least a few
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2003
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      Congratulations Chris,
      I have this exact same one. You can get an immediate relief of the X and Y axis's with the table nut. You can take out at least a few thous by tighten the allen screw located in the nut. It has a split in the brass. The next big step would be shims on the screw block at the dial indicator end. The Z is a-lot trickier I still have not fixed this yet. Photos of my CNC conversion are in the Zay7032G folder. I have about .0005 backlash on the X and Y now. It started with about .005 on the X and Y when I first got the machine.
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      From: Chris Difani

      Recently I purchased a Harbor Freight Gearhead Mill-Drill #42827 (http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Displayitem.taf?itemnumber=42827)  and I have to say that I have been very happy with it. Of course now that I have it I wish it was bigger, faster, more powerful, etc., etc.. But I also have to say that it has done everything I have asked it to do. I have installed a DRO on the quill, and a X axis table feed. Otherwise it's just the way it came from the factory.
      I would like to, if possible, improve it's downfeed accuracy, and to adjust the backlash in the X and Y axes. All three axes aren't that bad, but it would be nice if things were just a bit "tighter". The X feed isn't as important now as the Y axis, since I installed the table feed on the X axis. And the Z axis, that's the one that especially needs help. I'm not sure just how much "help" can be applied to the Z axis due to it's design, and construction, but any thoughts or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.
      Otherwise, I am well pleased with the construction, massiveness, and rigidity of the mill. It looks to be a decent copy of the Rong Fu 40 type, but it's heavier than any others that I have looked at. With it's weight of 820 pounds, it is substantially heavier than the Grizzly version, or the Enco version. If I can get just a bit more accuracy in the table movement and the quill downfeed, I will be ecstatic.For the very curious I paid $999 for it at the local Harbor Freight store. It was on sale from it's regular $1099.99 (42827-2VGA), I believe that it is still available for the $999.99 price under this item number, 42827-3VGA either from the web site, or, if you have a copy of the web price, from a local HF store.
      Thanks in advance, and if anyone wants' pictures, give me your email address and I'll send them to you direct.
      Chris Difani
      Near Sacramento, CA

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