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  • sapperd06
    GP, To size it up, it is like buying stuff on ebay and not paying sales tax on it. Some states require it, but no one claims it. The problem is that US CBP
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      To size it up, it is like buying stuff on ebay and not paying sales tax on it. Some states require it, but no one claims it.  The problem is that US CBP Customs Border Protect has the task of protecting the US economy, and they have been seizing imports and prosecuting importation violations for over a hundred years now.  Each import is tracked and documented so very

      well that each case is a clear violation by the paperwork and ignorance of the law is no excuse.  It just costs too much for the local US Attorney to prosecute a violation over a 8.00 tariff fee collection. Believe it or not there are bases for fraud, racketeering, and mail fraud for cheap product that may be protected by patents, copy-rites, and trademarks. oh I forgot, if value is over 10k add in money laundering. {  CFR  title 18 sections: 1341, 1956, 2318, 2319, 2320 } 

      Ebay promotes buying directly from china and elsewhere because they get there cut and have NO liability in the matter, but you are on the hook for everything that is due monetarily and legally.. Again Ignorance of the law is no excuse. 

      That is how I understand it, you may view it very differently. 


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      So in short you are telling us not to buy any products that are shipped from a foreign country. Is that how i understand it ? E-Bay promotes purchases from China.

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      I don't know, but your best bet is to talk to a import bond broker. They can usually be found on the web most are physically based near a land port or seaport. There are national and regional brokers, but you must use a broker that operates at the port that you are expecting to use. That would be for a 1 time import.  For a continuous bond you can choose a national broker and that way you could get stuff from the east coast and west coast but each port carries an additional nominal fee and is very sensitive to the annual dollar value, with discounts as the annual value goes up. Discount breaks start as low as 5 digit annual value. Remember the bond acquired by the bond broker is only to guarantee that you will pay all duties taxes and fees for the goods imported and it expedites your  passage through the port. Without a bond your shipment could be quarantined until the CBP determines the tax duty and fees due on you shipment, informs you of what is due , and you pay what is due plus the cost of storage of said items for that amount of time.     
      The CFRs that cover import taxes, fees, duties and bonding is so complicated it is unreal.  
      Taxes are due to the IRS
      Duties and fees are due to the Dept of Treasury and ther is something that is due to the Dept of state, but I forget what.
      Fines are due to both, depending on infraction
      CBP immediately informs the IRS of the pending action or litigation against you and thats where they get you as a business.  I have seen way too many adjudication's get out of control by people trying to cut corners and control costs only to have to pay extra money or risk an auction of goods and an IRS audit. 
      The import bond brokers exploit that you are ignorant in this whole process to charge you their fees, and it is a very lucrative business for them. A lot of snake oil within the import bond broker's arena.
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      I wanted to import a Graule radial arm saw into the US and Graule (german company) was willing to ship it direct but I was unable to easily find out what the fees, duties etc. would be.  

      Today I took delivery of a Northfield Unipoint saw (well used) and did not have to worry about any import issues.  The Northfield is instead of the Graule.  

      Anyway, how does one find out about import fees and duties?


      Joe in New Orleans

      On Oct 7, 2013, at 8:12 PM, <don@...> wrote:

      I forgot to mention I use to work for the  US government and also in the civilian sector on import bond enforcement, adjudication, and origination. 
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      I ordered a headlight set for my car using EMS express from postal code 225700 in china to US zip code 14221 with a weight of 4.7Kg or 10.36 Lbs with a declared value of 500 yuan or 81.68 US dollars. The shipping charge was 61.5 yuan or 10.05 US Dollars plus Import fee and insurance fee of 60 yuan or 9.80 US dollars.  So that is a total of 19.85.  Seems pretty close to what that Ebay seller was charging.  Then again you could order from an unreliable seller that has the following shipping description in his Ebay listing.  "I ship using a common cargo carrier and must wait for an opening within a container within the next week or two after payment has cleared, and the buyer takes the risk of any importation fees ,fines, and duty bonds due on this item. must items get through US customs without anything due, but you assume that risk. Also you take the risk that if anything within that container is deemed illegal or improper that whole container may be quarantined for an indefinite amount of time or when US Customs or the Department of Treasury clears the entire container. I can't send you another Item if this happens and you must pay all fees, fines, bonds, and tariffs due on your item before it will be released, which is typically less than 100.00 US Dollars. and less than 6 weeks. Again it is your risk but it is how I keep shipping costs low, by illegally importing you purchased item into the US."

      How many items would sell if they actually imported them correctly, instead doing it illegally and harming the US economy. I don't know ask 1 of the 2.7 million jobs lost to china in the last 10 years.
      I paid the tariff on my Item. Now I know my 8.00 dollars of import fees is a spit in the ocean, but how many people are doing this illegally and not protecting US jobs.  Maybe the person you are buying from is supporting terrorism, ever think about that?
      Jerry if you were caught illeagally importing goods into the US, are you willing to risk an IRS audit of Durand Interstellar Inc. over a 10.00 import fee?
      My 2 cents
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      On 10/07/2013 03:08 PM, don@... wrote:
      How much does it cost to ship 1 oiler from China to California?
      It depends, if they use the subsidized shipping program, it may be zero.  These packages go into cargo containers headed here on a space available basis as essentially packing material.  It can take a few weeks for it to show up, but I can buy things from China for $1.68 with free shipping that way.
      Jerry Durand, Durand Interstellar, Inc.  http://www.interstellar.com/
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    • largrin
      Not yet. My life got totally distracted for now. Put a new roof on the house, and trying to do some painting before the weather gets too bad. Probably get one
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        Not yet.
        My life got totally distracted for now. Put a new roof on the house, and trying to
        do some painting before the weather gets too bad.
        Probably get one in December.
        I will report here when I do get back to the shop.
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