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Re: [mill_drill] Vern's Stuff Pics?

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  • Malcolm Parker-Lisberg
    I based my lathe vertical slide on his design, so I have posted a picture in my album. See:
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 29 2:58 PM
      I based my lathe vertical slide on his design, so I have posted a picture in my album.


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      On Sun, 9/29/13, Vern VanZ <n7gtb@...> wrote:

      Subject: Re: [mill_drill] Vern's Stuff Pics?
      To: "mill_drill@yahoogroups.com" <mill_drill@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Sunday, September 29, 2013, 9:21 PM


      Thanks for asking!  The lathe
      bed and stand shown in the photo, is my attempt at a
      larger version of a lathe built by G.B. Round:
      link above points to a copy of the original 1959 Model
      Engineer magazine article (in .pdf format).  The author
      indicated that he built his lathe using bits of scrap steel,
      etc..  If it was built as published, it appears to have
      been a very robust little machine, and was later fitted with
      quite a few accessories.
      Round also states that, his desire was to build a lathe
      based on "Maudslay's triangular bar bed". But
      since he didn't have access to, or couldn't easily
      fabricate any triangular bar; he improvised using angle
      steel instead (thinking 'outside the box' isn't
      really a new idea, is it...).  
      through the article, and study the drawings; I think you
      will find that it is more informative, than I will be... ;)
       I had difficulty enough just getting the idea across
      to the local machinist, when I took the 1.5" x 3"
      CR bar to him, for what I hope will become part of the
      a nutshell, if you take Maudslay's triangle bars, and
      place them back to back, you have a lathe bed built using a
      single square bar, which has been rotated 45 degrees.
       G.B. Round simply built a square tube from angle steel
      Mr. Round, I'll be using a headstock and other parts
      cast from aluminum, and am in the process of
      making the patterns for them now.  As a side note, I
      ended up with my mill-drill sort of 'by accident'
      while looking for someone to do machine work for the lathe.
       It's been quite an educational adventure to say
      the least...  At the moment, I have a temporary
      headstock built from bits of angle steel, flat bar, pillow
      block bearings, etc., that are either welded or bolted
      can email me directly ( n7gtb at yahoo dot com)  if you
      have any other questions...

      "Coils69@..." <Coils69@...>
      Sent: Sunday,
      September 29, 2013 12:06 PM
      [mill_drill] Vern's Stuff Pics?

      Vern I just seen the three pics you put up, can you
      explain the "lathe bed & stand" one a
      little?Looks very interest and I'm curious
      about itThanks
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