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Re: [mill_drill] Re: New Enco vise - spare parts(?)

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  • Vern
    Thanks for the heads up! I will take your advise, and the plate will go into the scrap bin today... The lead screw on my clone isn t threaded the entire
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      Thanks for the heads up! I will take your advise, and the plate will go into the scrap bin today...  The lead screw on my clone isn't threaded the entire length anyway, so the cover only keeps chips from landing between the ways...  


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      On Jul 1, 2013, at 7:31 AM, "Jim S." <mrjschmidt@...> wrote:

      If your vise is a Kurt clone, that sheet metal is indeed a cover for the screw. I advise you to toss it. Reason? We had a new genuine 6" Kurt with the sheet metal cover. As one of our guys removed it from the mill, it twisted in his hands. The cover, sticking out of the back of the vise, twisted with the vise and neatly nicked the vein in his wrist. While he was at medical  (fully equipped medical department with on site doctor and nurses), we took the cover out and threw it away, then had in-house hazmat come wipe up the blood.
      According to Kurt, these covers should be cut to size for the part you will be machining. Since most hobby or job shop work is all kinds of sizes, the cover should be discarded.  I've never seen a vise of this type get jammed up with chips. I think it just makes it easier to clean up.
      Be safe.
      Jim (Just a guy who likes to build stuff)
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