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Quill scale mounting on RF-45 clone

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  • svsequoia_pdx
    I have added 3 photos to Craig s RF-45 Clone
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2013
      I have added 3 photos to Craig's RF-45 Clone that show how I mounted a small Ditron 10F glass scale to the front of my ZX45L to measure quill movement.  I fastened the scale slide to a precision ball bearing slide that i got surplus to make an assembly that would track with little error, then linked it to the quill with a piece of heavy music wire, stiff in compression but with a little play for lateral movement.  I am using a Shumatech DRO-550 and set it to sum the signal from the head on the dovetail column with the quill movement, to give me collective Z movement.  Works great!  ( I will also post to the dovetail mill group.)
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