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Re: [mill_drill] Re: zay7032g just go a used one and having problems

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  • Andy M
    GDay dan, 6.7amps in reverse sounds a tad high to me. I m not sure exactly what it means but it doesn t sound right at all. It may be a bad run cap. Try
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 18, 2013
      GDay dan,

      6.7amps in reverse sounds a tad high to me. I'm not sure exactly what it
      means but it doesn't sound right at all. It may be a bad run cap. Try
      swapping the leads on the cap and do the test again. If the high current
      draw is in the fwd direction now then the cap is bad.

      Also try swapping the start cap leads and test again. If the motor
      exhibits the same current draws in fwd/rev then it may point to a bad
      winding in the motor or a bad start cap.

      If the motor is a bit noisy on the bench then there's a good chance the
      bearings are shot. I would replace them and while you are at it make
      sure that the centrifugal switch is operating correctly and that it's
      contacts are clean and shiny.

      Burnt contacts could indicate a bad start cap.

      It could be the switch causing the noisy motor and not the bearings though.

      vxb.com is a pretty good place to shop for bearings and their prices are
      very reasonable. There are other places for bearings out there, Google
      them ;)

      I wouldn't worry about the gearbox bearings unless they feel bad. I
      would only replace them if I had to.

      Andy M

      dan tharp wrote:
      > ok, let me see if I can get it right this time
      > I have checked the two cap with an ohm meter they both started out with
      > a beep or shorted out and then went back to open circuit... i think this
      > means they are good. I did not disconnect the wires from for testing...
      > when running motor in a big vice with amp meter around the white wire it
      > read 1.7 amps in forward and 6.7 amps in reverse... tried the several
      > times same readings (no load on motor), smooth to rotate with fingers
      > and did not feel loose. Motor does sound a little noisy in both
      > directions, not too bad but more that i expected with on load.
      > before i took it all apart i tried two different 20 amp plugins and one
      > 15 amp all three different circuits in the breaker box... all about the
      > same (maybe 15 amp turned off quicker)
      > I was going to try a new 30 amp breaker 110v before i took it apart but
      > was afraid of the damage it might do to the mill...
      > i now have the all the gears out of the gear box and not sure if i can
      > feel any play in any of the bearings
      > currently not sure what to do... but i do know i really want this mill
      > running so i can work on my projects...
      > also if i got all new bearings does anyone know where i should get them
      > and rough idea on cost...
      > thanks for all the suggestions i have received and any more that might
      > come...
      > thanks
      > Dan
      > 972-365-6161
      > dan.tharp1@... <mailto:dan.tharp1@...>
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