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  • Earle Rich
    Later this spring, I m getting my Bridgeport Miller. I m having professional movers move it although its a short distance (1/4 mile) and a straight shot out of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2013
      Later this spring, I'm getting my Bridgeport Miller. I'm having professional movers move it although its a short distance (1/4 mile) and a straight shot out of one shop into mine. Its a good deal, machine and accessories for $1.00. The only catch was that I had to wait until my 86 year old friends health has deteriorated so he can't possible use it any more.
      We've done a lot of good projects together. He's had full access to all my tools and materials and I've had access to his. I would much rather see him in good health and active but he is happy that his machine will be in a home where it will be fully appreciated. My brother will be getting my mill-drill and I'll miss it. I bought it new from Enco 20 years ago and I'm very comfortable with its capabilities and limitations. Still, passing it along to another good home spreads the joy around.
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      Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:40 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

      "Guenther Paul" paulguenter@...

      There are good deals out your way. I fund a Bridgeport in south Carolina for
      $700.00 but the shipping was more so didn't bid, that was on e-bay should have
      gotten  it myself. There is one in New York now cheap. I am in SW Michigan GP

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      On 3/27/2013 2:02 PM, Guenther Paul wrote:
      > LK
      > Where are you located
      > GP
      I am in Northern VA- but I am not in the market for a mill- I have 3
      already! I was responding to the original poster who was considering
      spending $3k on a tricked out mill drill. I'm just saying that I've seen
      rebuilt bridgeports in that range of $$


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