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Re: [mill_drill] Re: new article available: An Experimental Way toStatically Balance a Bench Grinder

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  • Rick
    Mark, Good point about the shaft. I ll add it to the article. Rick rick.sparber.org
    Message 1 of 12 , Aug 1, 2011

      Good point about the shaft. I'll add it to the article.


      > Rick, there is something else that needs to checked... the shaft. I
      > had a cheap 8" grinder I got off of one of those traveling tool trucks,
      > and no matter what I did, I could never get it to balance.
      > I took the wheels off, and found that they weren't even the same
      > thickness all around. I threw them away, and bought some good ones, but
      > I still couldn't get it to run smooth, so I started measuring the
      > grinder itself.
      > The shaft measured fairly round on both sides, when using a micrometer,
      > but when I measured to see how concentric the bearings were, they were
      > out so far, that my DTI couldn't measure them. My dial indicator showed
      > that the shaft wobbled over .100" on one side, and nearly .060" on the
      > other.
      > After that, I looked around, and found a nice 10" Wilton, for a price I
      > couldn't refuse, that runs really, really smooth. Now, the 8" one is in
      > the scrap pile, awaiting resurrection.
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      > -Mark
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