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Re: [mill_drill] New DRO-350

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  • Paul Alciatore
    Congrats on your successful build and new DRO. I have to look up Wildhorse. Let us know how it works on the mill. Paul A.
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 30, 2011
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      Congrats on your successful build and new DRO.  I have to look up Wildhorse. 

      Let us know how it works on the mill.

      Paul A.

      At 09:50 PM 4/29/2011, you wrote:

      Good evening to the group,
      I just finished building my new DRO-350 from Wildhorse Innovations. IT WORKS!!!
      I started building the kit on the 21st and finished the board up on the 22nd. There were no instructions
      about doing any testing before plugging in the microprocessor so I emailed Gary and asked him if there
      were any. Gary was very prompt in answering my emails. He said the only tests were the power supply tests laid out in the instructions. I had done that so I plugged the processor in and powered up the board.
      All the segments on the display didn't light up and it wouldn't take any entries from the keypads. I unplugged it and went back over my soldering with a fine tooth comb and checked the polarity on all the diodes and polarized caps and found nothing wrong. So, I started checking the placement of the ICs but really couldn't verify their placement because they covered up their ID on the board so I decided to just count them against the material list. The count didn't mesh with the list. There were three 14 pin DIPs called for. 2 of one kind and 1 of another. I got 3 just alike. I didn't check what was labeled on the IC shipping tube against what was in it. I guess I should have. Gary sent me the replacements right away. He also has now placed a photo of the circuit board on the Wildhorse instruction site showing the parts placement on the board.
      I plugged in the replacement ICs and, VOILA, it lit up and works as it should.
      I built it per the instructions and did not do any mods during construction. I wanted to see what it is all about. I plugged one of the scales in and it had some jitter of the decimal point and last number. Not bad but it wasn't rock solid. The filters were set at 12. I set them down to 5 and the jitter was pretty bad.
      I did Bruce's mod with the 10K resistors and .1mfd caps and the jitter cleared up to where I could set the filters at 6 get no jitter. So then I did Rick's ground mod and now the filters are set at 3 and the display is rock solid. I did the ground mod a little differently. I ran a bus wire, on the display side of the board, from the bottom of R35 to the three ground pins on the scale plugs with out cutting the red wires and it seems to have worked. I guess Rick will tell me what the down side to this is.
      Now comes the hard part, mounting it on the mill. You may see me on here screaming HELP ME! before I get that done. However, I'll say this, if you guys are as fast and helpful as Gary at Wildhorse was with answers, it will be a piece of cake.
      Bill in Houston
      Happy with my DRO-350
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