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Re: [mill_drill] Your material source

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  • Starlight Tool Services Ltd
    Much of my project metal is Mysterium Metal obtained from the Recylium Metal sources. Part of the side benifits of my day job, which is fixing power tools is
    Message 1 of 39 , Dec 23, 2010
    Much of my project metal is "Mysterium Metal" obtained from the Recylium Metal sources.
    Part of the side benifits of my day job, which is fixing power tools is that unfortunately there are many tools that come through the door, which are NWR "Not Worth Repair"  From these dead tools comes all sorts of nuts, bolts, screws and a variety of gears and shafts.  Now much of this metal has hardened spots here and there, Gears need to be heated cherry red then dumped in a box of sand to anneal them to the point they can be turned.  Once annealled they make for some interesting projects.  If possible I try to turn the OD down just enough that what is left is a decorative slant knurl on the OD.  See attached picture of a Split Lock Ring Collar. 
    Don't bother with HSS cutters as Hard spots will just melt them off, Carbide usually handles them.  Planer rollers need the rubber rolls peel off to reveal a decent chunk of shafting inside.
    Many years ago I was getting a ride to work with my dad and hollered out, "hey, there are some pliers laying in the middle of the road", "Nonsense" my dad replied and we continued on to get me to work.  When I got home later that night, there sitting on my desk was a set of angled needle nose pliers.  They did not even have much road rash.  LOL
    My young lady gets a bit bothered even today when I do a brake stand and run back along the highway to pick up a discarded or lost treasure, but those bit and bobs, come in handy every so often when it was just the right piece for the job at hand.
    Yesterday and todays "spare time" project was to make a Dial Indicator Holder to fit the QCTP for the lathe.  Out came a cut-off from a bearing splitter project I made years ago, yup it was still kicking around, It was a chunk of T1 plate so figured it would be useful, and a bit of milling and drilling later, I revealed the Dial indicator holder that was hidden inside.  See attached pictures
    If I have a Paid Job, then I will get in stock from our local metal supply house, but they are pricey to say the least.
    Any scrap metal that leaves here, is truely scrap.  LOL
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    OK, Here is a question we all have to deal with. Where do you get the raw
    materials for your projects? Recycle, jobsite, buy, or?

    Greg G.
    Osseo, MN

  • Rexarino
    Duh, of course! I remember that eagle, and the other creatures as well! Oh so easily we forget... Rex ... Duh, of course!  I remember that eagle, and the
    Message 39 of 39 , Dec 24, 2010
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      Duh, of course!  I remember that eagle, and the other creatures as well!

      Oh so easily we forget...


      On Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 5:29 PM, William Abernathy <william@...> wrote:

      Allow me to explain the inside joke.

      If you google "Spray Foam Albany Oregon" and check out the map link, you can still see the spray foam bald eagle figure. When I lived there, it was not "SPRAYFOAM-INC.COM" (while the Web had been invented already, it was not that popular yet), but rather, simply, "SPRAY FOAM," part explanation, part command.
      It used to be festooned with considerably more giant fantastic creatures accompanying the enormous SPRAY FOAM caption. Whoever that cat is/was, he was an artist with the foam, that's for sure.


      Rexarino wrote:
      I'm guessing that Glenn needs some flotation for his shop?  It's certainly wet in southern Oregon.., and spray foam is pretty good for floating your boat  :-))


      On Thu, Dec 23, 2010 at 11:13 PM, Glenn N <sleykin@...> wrote:

      I have that here. :)
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      If you make it up to Albany, what you really need to look for is SPRAY FOAM!

      William Abernathy
      Berkeley, CA

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