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Re: Mounting lathe chuck on rotary table

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  • philteague
    Jean-Claude: Sorry I didn t respond sooner to your question. The MT 3 to straight spindle that I made does extend above the backplate as shown in the backplate
    Message 1 of 5 , May 11, 2002
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      Sorry I didn't respond sooner to your question.

      The MT 3 to straight spindle that I made does extend above the
      backplate as shown in the backplate photo because I approximated the
      length and it was longer than needed. Also, since I did not make the
      hole in the center of the backplate large enough to remove the
      spindle, it just stays there. I could enlarge the hole in the
      backplate and make a new spindle that then could be removed. When I
      make a new backplate for my new 6" chuck I will probably do that.

      Phil Teague

      --- In mill_drill@y..., "jcgerb" <j.c.gerber@t...> wrote:
      > Phil,
      > I have a Vortex 6.1/2" which I use with 4", 5", 6" and 8" chucks.
      What is the purpose of the extended small tip on "backplate 1 and 2" ?
      > How do you remove the MT2 or 3 without hurting it while fixed on
      the cross-table ? It has been sometimes a problem here ?
      > Jean-Claude, Switzerland
      > www.homestead.com/turnandmill
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      > From: philteague
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      > Sent: Thursday, May 09, 2002 9:19 PM
      > Subject: [mill_drill] Mounting lathe chuck on rotary table
      > I have uploaded a series of photos in the photo section on
      mounting a
      > lathe chuck on my new 8" rotary table.
      > The rotary table was purchased from JTS for $210. I did not get
      > indexing plates or the center with it. It is well finished and
      > smoothly. It weighs 66lbs which, although, not too heavy for me
      > pick up, is awkward for me to grab hold of especially on the left
      > hand end. This makes it more difficult to handle while
      positioning it
      > on the mill table.
      > I read several posts on the RCM newgroup on mounting a lathe
      chuck on
      > a rotary table. The idea of using a spindle that would fit the MT
      > hole in the table with the other end to match the backplate
      > like a good idea. The only problem I had with the idea was that I
      > never attempted to turn a Morse taper. This did not prove to be
      > difficult as I thought.
      > Before I started on the spindle, however, I mounted a piece of
      > 5.75" in diameter and 1" thick ($8.00) in a 4 jaw chuck that I
      > on both sides. I used a small center drill (#1 or 2) to mark the
      > center of the plate and scribed a line correspinding to diameter
      > the inside of the chuck recess and a second line as a guide to
      > indicate the bolt hole circle of the chuck mounting holes. Note
      > the first two photos that I made two sets of holes to mount two
      > different chucks, a 3 jaw and a 4 jaw (both are 4" diameter).
      > was necessary because the 3 jaw required 3 holes while the 4 jaw
      > 4 holes. I machined the backplate with a raised part to match the
      > recess in the chucks (both chucks had the same diameter recess).
      > I then bored a hole .75" in diameter in the center of the
      > I used 6061 aluminum for the spindle because I didn't have a
      piece of
      > steel the right size. I turned the spindle to fit the hole in the
      > backplate on one end and then I turned the MT 3 on the other end.
      > any one needs any help with that I can provide that in a separate
      > post. The spindle aligns the backplate (see backplate2.jpg)on the
      > table and I use a center (a spring loaded type used for tapping)
      > the chuck to align the rotary table and backplate under the
      > You can use a zero set and DTI to do this more accurately, if
      > needed. The chuck mounts on the backplate and is aligned using
      > raised are on the backplate (see chuck.jpg).
      > I was pleased with the backplate. Having the rotary table made
      > drilling the holes so much simpler. This is my second backplate.
      > first one was to mount the 4 jaw chuck on my lathe. I got it to
      > but, it was much more tedious and required a certain amount of
      > tweaking.
      > I have a 6" 3 jaw chuck on order which I may make a backplate to
      > on the rotary table now that I feel fairly confident I can do it.
      > Phil Teague
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