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Re: [mill_drill] Re: New Mill Odor

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  • Alex Fraser
    Not that I know of. However, be rest assured that a great country like ours is capable of producing it s own stinky plastics ;~) Jim Badendick wrote: Were the
    Message 1 of 25 , Aug 10, 2009
      Not that I know of.  However,  be rest assured that a great country like ours is capable of producing it's own stinky plastics ;~)

      Jim Badendick wrote:
      Were the goggles made in China?
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      I had smelled bad plastics before and I couldn't remember where  till this morning.  Some goggles you get for using with oxy acetylene stink real bad.  I wonder if this isn't related to making the plastic heat resistant?  It would be nice to figure out exactly what makes these plastics smell.

      jfrxbd wrote:

      The way cover replacement made a tremendous difference next will be the belts, the belts smell allot like the way cover.
      I stopped at Napa today and had the belts with me, they had the short belt replacement and they'll have the long belt tomorrow afternoon. They let me walk back into stock area with them and look for their belt replacement and thought I was crazy when I started smelling their belts. I told them this is great I can't smell them then handed them the HF belts and they understood. If they had a stock area full of these stinking HF belts and way covers you wouldn't be able to stand it in the store.
      Their replacement belts are; 
      Heavy Duty FHP Belt
      5L340W for the short belt and,
      5L440W for the long belt.
      They are a green Gates belt with no odor.
      I think everyone receiving a HF mill would be doing himself or herself a favor in changing out the way cover and belts.
      Thanks all
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      Yup.. as soon as I removed the rubber way cover it went away. I had some bellows type material that I liked better there anyway. When I removed the offending piece I put it outside my basement door which is under my outdoor deck and somewhat inclosed, it could not stay there either because of the smell. Into the garbage cant went.
      norm, I think your on to the problem, I have a piece of material I can change over to and as soon as I removed the original rubber way cover and tossed it in the garbage on the other side of the garage and walked back to the mill I could breath again. I'll get this original rubber mat out of the house and see if this helps my wife.
      Thanks all

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